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5 Reasons Why LCX is the Best Token Sale Manager?

LCX Token Sale Manager is a fully compliant solution that provides everything you need to launch and manage your token sale. The Token Sale Manager by LCX is a fully compliant sales platform for your blockchain token, which includes end-to-end token sale management, including token generation and issuance, token distribution and swap, investor management, bank-grade compliance services, and complete investor support. has secured 8 blockchain-related registrations by the Financial Market Authority as of March 2021. These include TT Exchange Service Provider, TT Token Depositary, TT Key Depositary, TT Price Service Provider, TT Identity Service Providers, Token Generator, Token Issuer on its own and Token Issuer on behalf of the clients.

LCX Token Sale Manager is focused on providing tools and resources for managing a successful token sale. LCX offers solutions to bootstrap your token sale with a complete technical solution for token issuance for security tokens, payment tokens or utility tokens. The token issuers will receive benefits of Token Issuance under new Liechtenstein blockchain laws, even if your company is headquartered somewhere else.

LCX lets you focus on what matters the most, while we take care of your token sale. You will enjoy quick and automated Investor On-Boarding with LCX’s advanced Crypto Compliance Suite, which includes Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundry (AML) and Blockchain Analytics (KYT). We support investor onboarding in many countries, including the USA. LCX offers institutional grade compliance solution to effectively manage the token sale.

LCX’s suite of professional tools lets you plan, manage, and track your token sale seamlessly with advanced functions including automated token distribution to investors; Custom swap functionality for tokens from ERC-20 to native token. LCX token sale manager is everything you need to run a compliant and successful token sale for your blockchain project. has its own Token Standard that automates token compliance by programming The Blockchain Act compliance requirements in the token code.

LCX is a fully compliant purchasing platform for token offerings for security, payment, or utility tokens. We provide you with accelerated go-to-market, prospectus and legal documents with LCX’s legal tool kit provides end-to-end management of tokens on the Blockchain, including smart wallet whitelisting and real-time cap-table, a.k.a. token holder register. We also provide smart contract development, audit and token generation services.

As an added bonus, might list your token on its exchange after the Token Sale.

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