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Crypto Asset Management

When it comes to finances, people have different ways of managing them. Some hire specific people, or organizations to handle their financial assets. The process of asset management has been in the financial world for a really long time, and so when crypto started gaining popularity, it became important for the community to learn to manage their crypto assets rightfully. 

What is crypto asset management

Asset management is an old practice used for optimizing portfolio diversification, increasing your returns, and balancing the risks. As the name suggests, crypto asset management is the process of managing all your digital assets, their purchases, and investments alongside building up your portfolio to have optimum growth in the industry. 

Understanding crypto asset management

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009. At that time, there wasn’t much interest generated around it. It was not until 2013 when Ethereum made its debut, that people got more involved in crypto, seeing the blockchain as versatile and programmable. The rising prices of bitcoin were the main motivation for the newly found interest. Eventually, people got familiar with the workings of blockchain technology and started using it to secure the ownership of their digital assets. 

Cryptocurrencies are only one type of crypto asset; more will emerge as time passes. The only limitation is one’s imagination. Nearly every industry is investigating ways to use blockchain and crypto assets to raise funds, streamline processes, reduce workloads, and cut expenses.

Today, we have both intangible and tangible assets rapidly growing in the market. Therefore, to manage such a wide range of assets, there is a dire need for tools that can manage them.

What is different about crypto asset management

The only and major difference between traditional and crypto asset management is the use of tokenized assets. Tokenized assets represent the value of your assets on the blockchain. The apps and platforms for crypto asset management will provide you with diversified investment options and major exposure to both traditional and upcoming investment opportunities. 

Goals of crypto assets management

It has become really easy to buy and sell crypto in the market nowadays. You just need to create an account on your choice of exchange, secure your funds and choose a wallet that supports your assets and fulfills your trading needs. 

Now, the increase in the ease of investing in crypto also increases the need for managing them. Though the management of crypto assets is quite similar to how it is done for traditional investment, there are still some differences in this case. Many companies and even individuals have come forward with different tools and apps that have become commonplace for managing assets. 

Crypto asset management platforms relieve users from the stress of managing their assets stored on multiple accounts on different exchanges. It consolidates the diverse holdings of the users and provides them with portfolio management tools simultaneously. 

Many of these apps also utilize AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and machine learning enabled) programs that create the portfolios according to the investment goals of the users. They also help to track and manage a large number of assets. Charts and metrics are often provided to view your holdings so that you can identify unique opportunities for exchanging your assets. 


With the increasing popularity of the crypto industry, new assets keep surfacing with new opportunities. It often gets stressful to manage this many assets on multiple accounts and in different exchanges. Therefore, crypto asset management can be used to improve your portfolio while also exploring all the investment opportunities. 

Crypto Asset Management
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