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Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets

When you buy Cryptocurrency, the next step you wonder about is where to store your assets. You need wallets, the digital storage system that enables you to transfer and receive funds. These crypto wallets contain public keys and private keys. The private keys are only known to users, whereas the public keys are visible to everyone, holding cryptocurrencies. The major thing to address here is that if the private key is lost, no one will be able to access the assets.  

There are two types of crypto wallets – Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets. Before making a choice between both or a combination of them, let’s go through the detailed explanation of Hot Wallets and Cold Wallets.  

About Hot Wallets 

Hot wallets are storage systems or platforms connected to the internet that can be used for daily cryptocurrency transactions. They are easy to use, and transactions can be quickly done through the computer or phone. As Hot Wallets are always online, there is no point in shifting from offline to online for making a crypto transaction. Whereas, in Cold Wallet, it is very inconvenient to make a purchase as the funds are stored offline.  

Advantages of Hot Wallets – 

  • Easy to use – these wallets are easy to use and always online. There is no need for a transition between offline and online. They can be accessed from multiple devices. 
  • Free of cost – most of these hot wallets are available for free. The procedure for creating it can be easily done. 
  • Convenience – hot wallets are very convenient for interacting and trading. They also give access to various types of tokens. 

About Cold Wallets 

Cold wallets are storage systems or platforms that store private keys offline because they are not connected to the internet. When cold wallets are connected online through Wi-fi or USB, for crypto transactions, the whole signing process takes place. For storage, they require the purchase of an external device. Hence, cold wallets are very expensive.  

Advantages of Cold Wallets 

  • Security – To access cold wallets, one needs a password or pin, making them more secure and less vulnerable to hackers.  
  • Storage – cold wallets can store huge amounts of funds in offline mode, and a huge advantage is that they can be stored for the long term. 

Hot Wallets or Cold Wallets 

The factors to determine the right choice of wallets to hold crypto funds are –  

  • Convenience 
  • Easy access to trading
  • Security from online hacking and cyber attacks
  • How much storage the wallets can hold
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