What’s the difference between DigicorpLabs and DGMV?

Digicorp Labs is the secure and decentralised metaverse. Digicorp Labs is facilitating real-world solutions in a decentralized metaverse, secured with DGB blockchain technology. Digicorp is dedicated to reviving those original values: equality, inclusivity, and digital innovation to all, with the creation of the DigiMetaverse. An ever-expanding network of real-world digital innovations and solutions for both businesses and consumers, the DGMV token powers Self-Sovereign Identity (SID) for users, and the DigiMetaverse meet the challenges which have resulted from the highly centralized digital world. DGMV is the native utility token of DigiMetaVerse which, in conjunction with user SID, unlocks access to a portfolio of enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property in the DigiMetaverse.