Cryptocurrency deposit processing times

For security reasons, we require all digital asset deposits to receive a number of confirmations on its blockchain before the funds can be credited to your account. 

Digital Asset Confirmations Estimated Time
Bitcoin (BTC)6 confirmations30 minutes
Ethereum (ETH)30 confirmations5 minutes
LCX Token (LCX)30 confirmations5 minutes
All ERC20 Tokens30 confirmations5 minutes

The real-time execution time may differ depending on network conditions, however, the above-mentioned list provides a list of approximate time taken by each token. These estimates are based on the assumption that the transaction was confirmed within the first block following the sending of the transaction. 

In case of failure of this confirmation in the first block, the transaction time may significantly increase depending on network conditions. 

Note that we are not able to affect the speed at which transactions are confirmed on their respective blockchains.