What are the fees for LCX DeFi Terminal?

LCX DeFi Terminal is a trading dashboard built on top of Uniswap Decentralized Exchange (DEX). In general LCX DeFi Terminal is free of charge, but we require that you hold at least 10,000 $LCX Token in your connected wallet. 

Unlimited usage including limit order functionality at Uniswap1 License
1 LicenseMin. balance of 10,000 $LCX Token held at your connected wallet.
Liquidity provider fee automatically charged by Uniswap0.3%
Limit order trading fee for the execution of the on-chain limit order via the LCX DeFi Protocol charged by LCX0.02 ETH
Ethereum gas fees for on-chain limit order approvalVariable Ethereum gas fee

To use the LCX DeFi Terminal you will need one license per connected wallet and activate the license at our platform. To get one license you need to deposit and hold 10’000 LCX Token in your connected wallet. The system will then automatically check if your wallet balance shows enough LCX tokens. If the system confirms that your wallet has more than 10’000 LCX Token available, your license is active. In case your wallet drops below the min. required LCX Token, your license will be automatically deactivated.

Furthermore, once you place limit orders on LCX DeFi Terminal the system will tell you the expected gas fees. In addition to that LCX will collect a small fee in ETH for each successful transaction. The funds are used for further development to continue delivering outstanding products for our users.

All fees at LCX are published at LCX.com/fees