How to Withdraw $NMKR Token at LCX Exchange?

To withdraw $NMKR you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • Go to LCX Accounts > Wallet
  • Click on the withdrawal tab
  • Click the drop down to select $NMKR
  • Click on the “Withdraw NMKR”. Now click on “I Understand” to get the address.
  • Type or paste the Destination Address. Cross-check the destination address carefully.
  • Enter the NMKR Token amount you want to move. 
  • Enter 2FA Security Code.
  • Note: Every section needs to be filled to complete the transaction. The transaction fee will be deducted in ADA.  After the transaction is completed, 2 ADA will be credited to the destination address. 

Make sure to check the current balance on your LCX wallet to complete the transaction.

  • Please have a minimum 5 ADA to withdraw NMKR token from LCX exchange to complete the transaction.
  • After completing the details, click the confirm details button. Now one OTP will be sent to the authorized email address. Enter the correct OTP and click “Submit”
  • After entering the correct OTP, the transaction will be completed.