What is the NMKR token and its use-cases?

$NMKR tokens is a utility token that will be used for governance, artist verification, fraud prevention and payments.

The $NMKR Token will bridge the full NFT-MAKER ecosystem by enabling decentralized utility & governance for all NFT-MAKER products. Holding a $NMKR token will allow you to participate in the decision making related to any modifications to the NFT-Maker ecosystem.

The primary use-cases of the NMKR token are as follows:

Verification &  fraud prevention

Safe for everyone

They intend to implement a trust score for each user on the platform. The initial metrics will be graded based on their level of identification and stake. Members of the community who vote will receive $NMKR rewards.

  • Marketplace

Ecosystem governance


They will incorporate all community feedback and wishes into our roadmap. Initially, the development team will deliver proposals for which the community can vote.

  • Game Launchpad
  • Payment Gateway
  • Web wallet
  • Marketplace
  • Stake Pool