Who is NFT-MAKER (utxo AG)?

Starting with the Minting API, for NFT-minting on the Cardano blockchain, as the technical foundation, NFT-MAKER continues to build tools and services to make it as easy as possible for you, your customers and the crypto community to engage with NFTs. The minting API ,the stake pool as well as a payment gateway have been already launched and a NFT- Marketplace, wallet and Game Launchpad are coming in Q2 2022. 

More than 25% of all NFTs on Cardano have been minted via the NFT-MAKE PRO API and will continue to grow with our increasing partner network. The NFT-MAKER team comes from all over the world and represents different ways of life, creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. NFT-Maker helps each other be the best versions of ourselves to provide the best solutions for our clients and communities.

Please refer to White Paper for more detailed info about the NFT-MAKER roadmap and the NMKR Token. https://nft-maker.io/Whitepaper