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Launch of Tiamonds Celebrity Edition – Community Proposal

LCX launched Tiamonds to create real-world diamonds as NFTs. The first 100 Tiamonds NFTs have been issued and the last remaining 10 NFTs are up for auction at – ending next Tuesday. 

Tiamonds is the largest blockchain-powered marketplace for diamonds NFTs worldwide. Users can easily buy, trade and hold non-fungible tokens (NFT) which are fully asset backed by real-world diamonds. All diamonds are physically stored in a high-security vault in Liechtenstein and are insured by Lloyd’s London. 

On top of that, Tiamonds NFTs give out continuous rewards, like an on-going airdrop, to all NFT holders. Each Tiamonds NFT holder can claim 1 Million TIA Tokens  over 1 Million minutes. Thus TIA tokens quickly caught interest of  crypto-traders and cryptocurrency investors, as a 10% fee is taken and 5% is distributed to all token holders as rewards for  every on-chain transaction (reflection).

Tiamonds Celebrity Editions

Now we plan to launch the Tiamonds Celebrity Editions with a big bang. “Tiamonds is a project by LCX with the goal to showcase the opportunities of tokenized assets, to educate consumers about tokenization through  gamification and to create a community driven token economy.” (Quote from Whitepaper). By launching the next generation of Diamond NFTs in collaboration with worldwide recognized and known celebrities, we can educate mainstream consumers about the opportunities of asset-backed NFTs and tokenization.

Here are the key facts:

  • 10 International Celebrities and Influencers will launch special Tiamonds Celebrity Editions with 10 Diamond NFTs each. 
  • Celebrities and Influencers will present the Diamond NFTs with special customized highlights for each NFT to create very unique and rare NFTs.
  • Celebrities and Influencers will collaborate with LCX and Tiamonds to make announcements, create key visuals and lots  of social media content
  • 100 Diamonds tokenized and launched as asset-backed Tiamonds NFTs in total.
  • Negotiations with Celebrities and Influencers have started and the selection process will be continued. 
  • The estimated  launch date for Tiamonds Celebrity Editions is May 2022.
  • Example Tiamonds Celebrity Editions Visuals below.

$100 Billion USD Market

The diamond jewelry market is a 100 billion dollar industry. While the industry suffered due to the pandemic in 2020 it is expected to recover to more than 100 billion in annual turnover quickly. (Source: Bain Capital Research)

The problem is that the global diamond industry is driven and controlled by a handful of global market players, such as De Beers Group, and the pricing of valuable diamonds is complex and intransparent. Tiamonds is bringing pricing transparency and the ability for fast and easy global trade to the diamond industry. Diamond NFTs powered by blockchain technology are enabling Tiamonds to become the leading marketplace for diamonds where investors can buy or sell Diamonds to a global audience instantly.

Tiamonds sophisticated Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform leverages a variety of smart contracts and a compliant marketplace to enable instant investment and global trade of tokenized diamonds. The Tiamonds DeFi platform and smart contracts have been developed over a period of 12 months, is fully operational, stable and ready for growth.

Community Proposal is up for voting now for the next 5 days. As our on-chain governance system is still under development, we decided to integrate our $LCX and $TIA community by starting a twitter vote. See 

We will update this blog post with the final voting results once the community vote is concluded. 

Key visual for Tiamonds Celebrity Editions

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