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What is NMKR Token?

What is NMKR Token?

$NMKR is a Cardano native token that connects the whole NFT-MAKER ecosystem by facilitating decentralized utility and governance across all NFT-MAKER products. $NMKR is a utility token that rewards members of the community for their significant contribution, authenticates NFT projects to assist prevent forgery, and allows for community-run governance. $NMKR will be utilized to create new NFTs, each of which will be distinctive and demonstrable. 

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Who is the Founder of NMKR?

NMKR is a token that has been launched by NFT-Maker. The company has introduced a platform in the NFT space that has used Cardano blockchain to create the NFT ecosystem. This creative idea was introduced by Patrick Tobler – CEO & Founder – NFT-MAKER. 

NMKR Tokenomics 

The $NMKR token would be at the heart of our ecosystem, and they want to make sure that it is broadly disseminated among our community while retaining the ability to guide development.

Direct sales – 30%

Direct sales will be divided into three stages. The vesting period varies according to the sort  of purchase phase. The prior people participate, the longer their vesting periods and the lower the price.

Community distribution- 48%

They will allocate 1% of the total token supply to the community every month for another 48 months. The amount will be determined by comparing the individual’s activity to the cumulative of all user activity in the ecosystem.

Stake pool- 4.8%

We’ve set aside 4.8 percent as a reward for staking with the NFT-MAKER stakepool. Each month for the next 48 months, representatives will receive 0.1 percent of their stake in regards to their stake.

Team allocation- 16%

The team allocation will be 16% in total and has a more complex vesting period, to encourage long term development.

Airdrops- 1.2%

The remaining 1.2 percent will be spread through an Airdrop as a thank you to all in the Cardano Community, which should help in enhancing the allocation of the $NMKR token.

Use Cases:

Artist Verification

To financially incentivize users to “do good,” they will introduce a trust score for every user on the platform who uses a staking mechanism for the NMKR token.

Ecosystem Governance 

We will incorporate all community feedback and wishes into our roadmap. The development team will first present proposals on which the community can vote.

How Can You Buy $NMKR?

You can buy, trade and store NMKR tokens at LCX exchange. The trading pairs for NMKR token are NMKR/ETHNMKR/LCX, and NMKR/EUR

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