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We build blockchain infrastructure that enable our clients to trade, store and invest in the crypto assets market in a regulated, trusted and secure way.

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The LCX Exchange Is a Regulated Trading Venue Offering a Range of Digital Currencies.

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Buy, Sell and Hold Bitcoin, ETH and Many Other Cryptocurrencies – Made Easy for Everyone.

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European Crypto Powerhouse, Securely in Your Pocket.

Buy, Sell and Hold Bitcoin, ETH and Many Other Cryptocurrencies – Made Easy for Everyone.

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“By 2027, more than $8 trillion will be stored on blockchain networks.”
World Economic Forum

LCX is building the infrastructure for this new financial world – powering professional crypto finance.

Tiamonds Historic Launch.
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LCX Trading Pair Update

LCX Strategy Update: Streamlining Trading Pairs for Enhanced Market Efficiency

LCX is committed to ensuring our users have the best trading experience while maintaining compliance with regulatory standards. We’re implementing a strategic update to our trading pairs to achieve this. This update focuses on two key strategies aimed at enhancing trading efficiency and the user experience:

  1. Introduction of Every Coin with EUR Pair: To standardize and simplify trading options for our users, we are ensuring that every cryptocurrency available on our platform can be traded against the Euro (EUR). This move aims to enhance accessibility for European traders and supports our goal of regulatory compliance across European markets.
  2. Delisting Low Liquidity and Less Traded Pairs: We are streamlining our offerings by removing trading pairs that demonstrate low liquidity and trading volume. This strategy is designed to reduce market fragmentation, improve platform performance, and ensure a more robust and efficient trading environment.

These strategic updates are expected to optimize our platform’s performance, facilitate easier compliance with financial regulations, and provide our users with a more coherent and straightforward trading experience.

Detailed Update on Trading Pair Changes at LCX

New Listings:

We are introducing new trading pairs to provide our users with more robust trading options. The newly listed pairs are:


We chose these additions to improve liquidity and provide direct trading opportunities with the Euro and stablecoins like USDC.

Delisting Pairs:

We will delist the following pairs to streamline our offerings and concentrate on more liquid and frequently traded assets:

  • OP/LCX

The decision to delist these pairs is based on their performance, liquidity, and frequency of trades, which have been lower compared to our other offerings. This adjustment allows us to enhance the trading experience by focusing on pairs that provide the best utility and stability for our users.

New listing / Delisting Date and Time:

The introduction of new pairs and the delisting of existing pairs will take place on April 25, 2024, at 1 PM CET. We urge all users to close any open orders with delisting pairs before the delisting deadline to avoid automatic closure at potentially unfavorable market rates.


These strategic initiatives reflect LCX’s dedication to creating a user-friendly, compliant, and secure trading platform. By standardizing Euro pairs and eliminating low-liquidity pairs, LCX not only streamlines its offerings but also enhances the overall trading experience, paving the way for future growth and stability in the digital asset market.

We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to evolve our service offerings to better meet the needs of our global user base. Thank you for your continued trust and support in LCX.

LCX Trading Pair Update
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