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LCX Token

Powering The LCX Ecosystem.

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The $LCX utility token connects the LCX ecosystem!

LCX Token is classified as a utility token works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate various stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem.

The LCX Token is classified as an exchange based utility token and may be used to pay all fees associated with the services offered by LCX AG. The LCX Token can be used as a voucher to pay fees, such as fees for LCX Terminal subscription; fees for custodian solutions LCX Vault; fees for exchange transactions for all crypto assets; exchange fees for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions; processing fees; and other fees within the LCX ecosystem.

The LCX Token has been issued by LCX AG in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations in Liechtenstein. As per legal assessment performed by qualified legal firms, LCX Token can be legally classified as a utility token according to the US, Singapore, European and Liechtenstein law.

LCX Token Smart Contract: 0x037a54aab062628c9bbae1fdb1583c195585fe41; Ethereum ERC20 utility token standard
$LCX Token at EtherscanCoingecko; CoinMarketCap; Coinbase Price Charts

Download LCX Token Key Facts & Figures (PDF) updated January 2021.

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Why should I buy LCX Token?

By purchasing the LCX Token, users get a variety of benefits:

  • LCX Exchange: Reduction of up to 50% trading fees at LCX’s compliant digital asset exchange.
  • LCX DeFi Terminal: get full access including usage of our second layer DeFi protocol to enable limit orders on Uniswap.
  • LCX Terminal: Become a pro user and pay monthly fees of LCX Terminal with LCX Token.
  • LCX Vault: Pay fees for LCX Vault and our crypto custody solutions.
  • LCX Price Oracle: pay fees in relation to LCX’s regulated reference price services which we provide as Price Service Provider.
  • Token Sales: pay fees in relation to token sales hosted or powered by LCX technology.
  • Furthermore companies and clients of LCX will have the ability to pay fees for listings, exchange membership fees or token sale fees with LCX Token as well.

The LCX Token is your chance to be a part of LCX’s vision to bridge the gap between traditional finance and the new monetary world powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

International Token Identification Number (ITIN) for the LCX Token:
Token name: LCX Token  |  Token symbol: LCX   |  ITIN: 3YJF06QR7

Key Exchange Listings

Coinbase Pro
Coinbase Pro

LCX Token is listed at Coinbase and Coinbase Pro:

LCX Token is listed at Uniswap Exchange:
  • LCX / ETH
  • LCX / USDC
LCX Token is listed at Kraken with two trading pairs:
LCX Token is listed at LCX Exchange with many trading pairs.

Download Official LCX Token Economics and Documents
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