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LCX Token Sale Manager


LCX Token Sale Manager is a battle-tested, fully compliant security, governance and utility token issuance platform.

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Launch your project with the LCX Token Sale Manager now!

LCX Token Sale Manager provides a full-service offering starting from token generation, investor verification to post-listing support. Our goal is to allow project teams to focus on building products while we handle their token sale. We look for the most promising and innovative ideas in the crypto space. If you think you are one of these projects, apply below!

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Compliant Token Issuance

A fully compliant platform for the issuance of digital asset tokens.

Token Management

LCX’s suite of professional tools lets you plan, manage, and track your token sale seamlessly

Investor Onboarding

LCX is a registered Identity Service Provider conducting all KYC, KYT, AML, and CTF checks, ensuring a seamless and compliant onboarding of investors.

Complete Legal Protection

LCX will create and publish all legal documents. Basic-Information-Sheet, Token Offering Memorandum etc.


We have got everything you need to run a compliant and successful token sale. LCX Token Sale Manager manages your token sale so that you can focus on your vision.

Token Sale Management Tools

  • Whitelisting of Investors
  • Allocation Requests for Pre-Sale
  • Be in command of over Investor Allocation
  • All investor documentation including white-papers and investor agreements are securely hosted
  • Investor analytics categorizes investors by geography, entity type and verified status
  • Collection of Wallet Addresses for distribution of token post-sale


  • Our dedicated team will take care of setup and will provide 24-hour support to your team before, during, and after your sale
  • Round-the-clock investor support provided via chat and email for successful token sale

High-Grade Compliance

  • High-end KYC/AML Solution provided inclusive of OFAC watch-list scan
  • Verification of Photo Uploaded
  • Blocking capabilities reaching up to state and country level
  • Team of licensed and experienced professionals dedicated to reviewing and verifying the status of investor accreditations
  • Investors are accredited on the criteria of income, net-worth, or crypto-asset holdings

Handling of Payments

  • Secure transactions and receiving of BTCETH, EUR payments and many other crypto assets as defined by the token project.
  • Control of private keys are in your hands
  • Provision of Multi-sig wallet support

Post-Token Sale Listing

  • Be listed on LCX Exchange immediately
  • Get access to LCX’s fast growing user base of 100,000+ users
Lcx token sale

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