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LCX Token Sale Manager

Fully compliant token issuance solution combining all legal and technology aspects: from smart contract development, token sale legal documents, registration at regulator, investor on-boarding and KYC, VIP investor support. Secret access codes for private token sale and community push for public token sale. 

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LCX Token Sale Manager provides a full-service offering starting from token generation, investor verification to post-listing support.  Our goal is to allow project teams to focus on building products while we handle their token sale.

We only select the most promising and innovative ideas in the crypto space. If you think you are one of these projects, apply below!

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We have got everything you need to run a compliant and successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO). LCX Token Sale Manager manages your token sale so that you can focus on your vision.

Private and Public Sale

  • Secret Access Codes for your seed investors, for strategic investors or partners
  • Fully digital and automated alternative to manual SAFT agreements (simple agreement for future tokens)
  • On-platform or on-chain vesting according. We set up the vesting according to your token economics. 

Investor Outreach

  • Large verified investor community at LCX platform, crypto funds, family offices, crypto influencers and whales
  • All investors from previous projects are verified and can invest immediately.
  • Active Investor outreach to all LCX users and LCX community. 
  • VIP Support for your important investors

Token Sale Management Tools

  • Whitelisting of Investors
  • Allocation Requests for Pre-Sale
  • Be in command of over Investor Allocation
  • All investor documentation including white-papers and investor agreements are securely hosted
  • Investor analytics categorizes investors by geography, entity type and verified status
  • Collection of Wallet Addresses for distribution of token post-sale

Compliance & Regulator Registration

  • LCX will handle the registration at the Financial Market Authority for you as LCX is approved at “Token Issuer”
  • LCX will handle all legal documents including Basic Information, Token Sale Agreement and Terms of Token Sale and submit all necessary files at the regulator
  • High-end KYC/AML Solution provided LCX Crypto Compliance Suite
  • Fast and automated investor on-boarding and Know Your Customer (KYC), Passport Verification, Selfie, Proof of Address and Blockchain Analytics
  • Blocking capabilities reaching up to state and country level
  • LCX’s compliance manager team to support special request anytime

Legal Protection for Your Team and Company

  • LCX is issuing your token on behalf of your project.
  • The issuance is done by LCX AG (Liechtenstein) in accordance to the Blockchain Laws in Liechtenstein, the Tokens and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act (TVTG) for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).

Handling of Payments

  • Secure transactions and receiving of BTCETH, EUR payments and many other crypto assets as defined by the token project.
  • Control of private keys are in your hands
  • Provision of Multi-sig wallet support


  • Our dedicated team will take care of setup and will provide 24-hour support to your team before, during, and after your sale
  • Round-the-clock investor support provided via chat and email for successful token sale

Guaranteed Listing of Your Token at Centralized Exchange

  • Be listed on LCX Exchange after closing of your token sale
  • Get access to LCX’s fast growing user base of hundreds of thousands of active investors

“LCX, The Goldman Sachs of Crypto”

Could LCX be the Goldman Sachs of Crypto? For investors or companies who wish to raise funds through utility tokens, government tokens, and even security tokens, LCX is the most appropriate platform for this activity.
Wayne Jones - Article
Often referred to as the “Goldman Sachs of Crypto”, is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure bridging the traditional monetary system and the fast-moving trusted technology landscape.
The Block - Article

LCX @ Consensus 2022

Consensus Conference and Blockchain Week is held at Austin Texas USA in 2022.

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