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1 Million LCX Tokens Giveaway

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Complete the following tasks to win 100,000 LCX Tokens

Note: Tasks are updated every week, keep checking regulary for new tasks.

Bounty 2021 in Numbers



LCX Tokens

Time Period


runs till January 31 2021


500 +

Winners will get prizes



tasks to particpate



LCX Tokens


LCX Tokens each


LCX Tokens each


LCX Tokens each


LCX Tokens each

About LCX Token

The LCX Token ($LCX) is an exchange based token and utility token of LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange.

The LCX Token is a utility Token which may be used to pay all fees associated with the services offered by LCX AG. The LCX Token can be used as a voucher to pay fees, such as fees for LCX Terminal subscription; fees for custodian solutions LCX Vault; fees for exchange transactions for all crypto assets; exchange fees for fiat-crypto-fiat transactions; processing fees; and other fees within the LCX ecosystem.

LCX Token Smart Contract: 0x037a54aab062628c9bbae1fdb1583c195585fe41

$LCX Token at Etherscan:

$LCX Token at CoinMarketCap:

$LCX Token at CoinGecko:

International Token Identification Number (ITIN) for the LCX Token:
Token name: LCX Token  |  Token symbol: LCX   |  ITIN: 3YJF06QR7

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Learn about the basic questions about the program

Where will I receive the rewards?

The LCX Exchange Bounty 2021 concludes on 31 January 2021.

After the conclusion, the tasks will be verified and the points of each participant will be updated.

Once the winners are finalized on 7 February, we will ask for their LCX account and the prizes will be distributed in their wallets.


Do I need to open an LCX account to Participate?

You do not need to open an account to participate, only the winners will need a verified account to receive their prize amount.

If there is a task that requires you to open an account then you will have to open an account to complete the tasks.


How do my tasks get verified?

LCX team will go through all the tasks and check if it meets the mentioned criteria to allocate points or not.

Once the tasks are approved then your points will be updated. 



Can I create content in my mother tongue?

Yes, you can create the content in your mother tongue and complete the tasks.


Participate in the LCX Exchange Bounty 2021

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