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TANGENT— integrating NFTs, DeFi utility and smart contracts in a web3 app that brings new capabilities and functionality to the Cardano blockchain. Our mission is to create robust DeFi tools and services that can be utilized by developers, creators, artists and users. The TANGENT REDEEMABLE NFT LAUNCHPAD supports artists, creators and enterprises whilst allowing for the sale and funding of tangible NFTs backed by the tokenization of real-world items, products and assets. Each Redeemable NFT is backed 1 to 1 by a physical item or product in the real world and these can be redeemed from the NFT issuer via the launchpad redemption function.

The TANGENT NFT FARM provides DeFi services and solutions on Cardano to projects, developers and end users. Tangent is a DeFi-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform serving the farming needs of the Cardano community. NFT Farming is the next step in the evolution of complex NFTs, that on one level are collectible digital art pieces but on another, form parts of smart contracts that are utilized within decentralized finance. These NFTs are not only aesthetically pleasing but possess staking capabilities within Farming Pools thus generating yield rewards for each user. Tangent has coined the phrase Operative Artwork to describe this function.

The TANGENT NFT FARM will eventually be completely permissionless, providing a platform where any user (even those with zero knowledge of coding) can create their own NFT Farming Pools on Cardano.



The TANG token is launched on the Cardano and has a supply of 3,141,592,650 $TANG Tokens. Further, the segregation will be done: 

LCX Tangent Tokenomics


Sale Details

  Public A Public B
Token TANG Tokens TANG Tokens
Fixed Sale Price $0.00318 USD per token $0.0198 USD per token
Sale Period 1st October 2022  18:00 CET – 14th November 2022  20th February 2023 18:00 CET – 13th March 2023 
Supply for Sale 628,318,530 TANG Tokens 251,327,412 TANG Tokens
Minimum Purchase  $500 USD  $500 USD
Lockup, and Release 81 days initial cliff period, and daily release thereafter over 2 months. Vesting starts on the day of listing at LCX Exchange. Details are public in Basic Information for TANG Token. The tokens are locked until the day of listing at LCX Exchange. No cliff and no vesting of tokens applicable. Details are public in Basic Information for TANG Token

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Clint Alexander
Co-Founder, Head of Development
Ben Gordon
Co-Founder, Marketing Technologist
Benjamin Grabow
Senior Software Engineer
Sydney Bright
Plutus Developer
Roman Gor
UI/UX Developer
Shahabaj Dange
Front-end Developer
Alexis Golding
Legal Compliance

Only registered users of the LCX platform are eligible to purchase the Tokens. The Issuer will not sell any Tokens where potential buyers are citizens or residents of restricted jurisdictions as determined by the Issuer. In particular, restricted jurisdictions are the United States of America and China, further, any US persons are prohibited from participating. 

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