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5 Ways to Launch a Successful Token Sale

In the era of blockchain technology ruling the digital and investment worlds, blockchain-based crypto asset start-ups have the opportunity to bypass the traditional early seed funding of the venture capital model. Instead, they can opt for the token sale.

What is a token sale?

The token sale is an initial offering of cryptocurrency tokens to a private pool of early investors before they are officially opened for sale in the market. Although there are several types of token sales, the best traction is gained by an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Token sales have proven to be a surefire way for new projects to secure the funding they need to keep developing their product. With more cryptocurrencies hitting the market lately, token sales help investors weed out the cryptocurrencies they want to invest in. During the token sale, developers spend a lot of time marketing the product to a select pool of potential investors and also simultaneously educating them about the product.

What are the steps for conducting successful token sales?

Invest in the product: In a nutshell, develop a powerful product. With hundreds of options at their disposal to choose from, investors today have no dearth of good choices. A successful token sale starts with a powerful product, crafted from a powerful and sustainable vision. Have a clear vision of the product in your mind and convey it plainly to the investors. Simple and effective are preferable to hype.

Develop the token early on: There is no doubt that token creation is central to your product. Develop the token early on and create a sustainable marketing vision for the token. The token is not only essential for the fundraising of the start-up, but a good token sale backed by a foolproof promotion campaign would help investors notice and take interest in the product and token.

Check regulatory and legal conditions on your token sales: Regulation compliance for token sales keeps on changing, so it is crucial to get all the regulations and legal obligations checked out and well documented so that the sale process can move along smoothly. The legal and regulatory processes would help you pitch your token better as they provide a clear picture of multiple facts: whether the token is a utility or security, the architecture of the legal entity, fundraising tools developers can use, and the custodial entities of the token. By incorporating a legal perspective into the crypto projects, the developers gain the trust of the investors and also avoid any legal battles that might emerge later.

Craft a whitepaper: Developing a whitepaper essentially entails explaining your crypto project’s purpose, economy, governance, and technology. The whitepaper should be a treatise of objective information but not be too scientific, and it should work as a catalyst in the decision-making process of the investors. Elaborate on the application of the token, distribution, how and when extra coins can be availed, and any other information that you believe is crucial to the product.

Choose a regulated and trusted exchange for a token sale manager: Building a community that will determine the success or failure of your product is the most important pointer on the list. This essential task is best done by a trusted token sale manager. Token sales manager helps you find the right community and takes care of the nitty-gritty of the token so that developers can solely focus on the execution of their vision.

Now, how do you achieve the above steps?

Now that you know what to do, let’s talk about who can offer all this to you and more! The execution of the vision in the token sale itself is the secret behind the success of the product. Only LCX can help with that. LCX takes care of the minutest details to lead you to success. LCX Token Sale Manager provides a full-service offering, from token generation and investor verification to post-listing support. Our goal is to allow project teams to focus on building products while we handle their token sale.

LCX offers a fully compliant token issuance solution combining all legal and technical aspects: from smart contract development to token sale legal documents, registration at the regulator, investor onboarding and KYC, and VIP investor support. LCX also offers secret access codes for private token sales and a community push for public token sales. Check out more about the LCX Token Sale Manager here!


A successful token sale can help your product see the light of day the way it was meant to. The vision needs execution, and execution needs money. For investors to believe in the product, the way it is presented is everything in the token sale. For that, a trusted token sale manager who can take as much load off your chest as possible is the path to success. Trust LCX with your token sale and be assured of its success.

LCX 5 ways to launch a successful Token Sale
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