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7 Benefits of Using LCX DeFi Terminal on Uniswap

Decentralized exchanges’ monthly trading volumes soared above $50 billion USD in January 2021. UniSwap continues to be the leading DEX trading platform for traders and token projects with a 45% market dominance. Uniswap’s daily volume ranges between $700 million and $1.2 billion.

Traders using Uniswap DEX complain about high gas fees, long-loading times of Uniswap Info pages and its inability in tracking and maintaining all balances.  But their biggest concern is the absence of limit orders, executing trades at a defined price. LCX now solves this.

LCX DeFi Terminal a.k.a. “Fire Salamander” is a decentralized trading platform built on popular decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap. The Uniswap trading platform offers many features to bring professional-level trading to DeFi which are common at centralized exchanges. This includes limit orders, live charts, DeFi analytics, real time market data, liquidity pool management and a cryptocurrency portfolio balance dashboard. 

The LCX Token is the native ERC-20 utility token that powers the LCX ecosystem. LCX DeFi Terminal is free of charge, but the user needs to constantly hold a minimum balance of 10,000 LCX Token in his wallet in order to access all functionalities of the trading platform. 

Increased Usage = Increased Benefits for our LCX Community. For example: 25,000 active users at DeFi Terminal means that more than 250 million $LCX Token (approx. 50% of the total circulating supply) will be constantly stored at user wallets. 

LCX DeFi Terminal is built on Uniswap with a second layer of DeFi protocol with the aim of transforming the DEX experience and eliminating the technical barriers faced by new users. 

7 Reasons Why LCX DeFi Terminal Is the Best Platform to Trade on Uniswap V2

Execute Limit Orders

The best feature of LCX DeFi Terminal is that it enables its users to execute limit orders on Uniswap. LCX enables Trade Automation for Uniswap DEX. With this feature, users can place buy and sell orders at their target prices, see all limit orders and cancel any order via our web interface. 

Fixed Transaction Fee

LCX only charges a fixed transaction fee of 0.02 ETH per successfully executed limit order. If the limit order is not executed or canceled the 0.02 ETH will be refunded at your wallet automatically.

Lightning-Fast Markets Page and Beautiful Trading Charts 

LCX DeFi Terminal users can enjoy quick trades with swift markets page for more than 10,000 trading pairs – almost all cryptocurrencies traded at Uniswap DEX. 

In the markets section of the LCX DeFi terminal, the user can view all the available trading pairs and liquidity pools. We integrated full TradingView charting which displays all trading pairs with name, total liquidity, 24h volume, 7d volume, 24h fees and 1y fees/liquidity based on 24h fees annualized. 

DeFi Trading Indicators 

New users will find LCX DeFi Terminal more comprehensive and enhanced user experience. Most new users find it strenuous to get past Uniswap’s setup because they are accustomed to quick login and trading options provided by most centralized exchanges. LCX’s custom developed DeFi protocol provides Uniswap traders with access to a whole new user interface complete with trading dashboard and limit order functionality. It employs a complex smart contract framework that omits the scrutiny faced by its users in order to make trade on Uniswap. 

Adding DeFi Indicators is easy: Just Click on indicators at trading view, type “Defi” and add volume and/or liquidity.

Intuitive DeFi Dashboard for Liquidity Management

One of the primary advantages of using LCX DeFi terminal is its intuitive dashboard that lists all the assets (ERC20 tokens and ETH) of the user along with the liquidity pools at Uniswap once the ERC20 metamask wallet is connected to the network. It exhibits a real-time net asset valuation in US Dollar. 

LCX’s DeFi protocol

LCX DeFi terminal has built a second layer of protocol on top of Uniswaps blockchain system. The secondary smart contract framework has a consolidated price discovery engine that tracks price of each trade in order and automatically executes the limit order on Uniswap when the set requirements are met. 

Non-custodial Platform 

LCX DeFi terminal is a non–custodial platform. The users are solely responsible for the maintenance of the private keys and enjoy complete control over their assets and trades. 

The immersive interface of LCX DeFi terminal is appealing virtually and has great functionalities. This will enable the platform to make some remarkable impressions on its users in its path forward in the industry. 

Enjoy the Benefits of DeFi Terminal Today. 

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