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A Deep Dive Into DGMV Token: DigiMetaVerse and DigiCorp Labs

LCX is excited to be working with the team to build an ecosystem that facilitates real-world solutions in a decentralized metaverse. DigiCorp Labs built the DigiMetaverse. Their official token is DGMV, which goes by the ticker DGMV, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. DigiCorp Labs aims to deliver a metaverse, an inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow.

We’re not only excited to be the official token issuer of their next-generation Metaverse platform but also to announce their upcoming token sale. Let’s take a deep dive into the world of DigiMetaverse.

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DigiMetaverse $DGMV: All You Need to Know 

Watch the recent LCX Insights Live “All You Need to Know about DigiMetaverse, DigiCorp Labs, and the $DGMV Token” with Jozua van der Deijl, CEO and Founder DigiCorp Labs, and Rudy Bouwman, Chief Blockchain Operations Officer, and Founder DigiCorp Labs

Dive Into the DigiMetaVerse

DigiCorp Labs holds the vision to create a futuristic and greatest decentralized ecosystem for the real-world application of blockchain technology for businesses, brands, and consumers. DigiCorp is handing data ownership back to the users and corporations while eliminating security threats and restoring privacy. The creation of DigiMetaverse is focused on restoring the fundamental values of the Internet: equality, inclusivity, and digital innovation for all.

The Metaverse is an ever-expanding network of real-world digital innovations and solutions for both businesses and consumers, the DGMV token powers Self-Sovereign Identity (SID) for users.  

The internet used to be completely decentralized without relying on a certain firm or service provider; anyone could publish information on the internet. However, with the expansion of the internet, it has become highly centralized, and the centralized state of the internet has become a major concern across the globe. The DigiMetaverse meets the challenges which have resulted from the highly centralized digital world that we have today, including, but not limited to:

Security risks: Removed single points of failure to deliver world-class digital and physical security, to protect and control information and access.

Unfair distribution: Centralized delivery of services often results in the unfair distribution of assets and resources. 

One-sided terms and conditions: The acceptance of these terms in centralized systems protects the giants, not the individuals, who have no choice but to accept or otherwise be prohibited from participation. 

Competition conquests: Because of the fierce competition to keep consumers within their own respective ‘walled gardens,’ interoperability is neither profitable nor beneficial to the providers of centralized services. This forces consumers to join and identify themselves in multiple communities, often losing control of their data in the process. 

The DigiMetaverse is the answer to all of this – by being none of it.

Advantages to Users, Businesses, and Investors

DigiMetaverse is designed to benefit investors and deliver value to enterprises, brands, consumers, institutions, organizations, and communities. The DigiMetaverse is an open, transparent, and interoperable ecosystem powered by their utility token, $DGMV. 

To deliver business value while being aligned with the vision of the DigiMetaverse, DigiCorp Labs have taken a two-step tactical approach.

Step 1: The first step was the creation of our three core business units: DigiThree, DigiLife, and DigiAcademy/DigiWare, each business unit deliver SID-secured services for the DigiMetaverse, with a clear, focused division of user types, solutions, and Markets.

Step 2: The second step, enabled by our DigiThree partnership with ThreeFold, is the rapid provision of a portfolio of quantum-secure enterprise applications devised to enable and deliver a step-change from the services that dominate the international market today, by utilizing the DigiByte blockchain.

DGMV Token and Its Use-Cases

$DGMV tokens are ERC-20 based utility tokens designed to become the core currency for DigiMetavserse. The primary features of the DGMV token are as follows:

  • Powering SID for the users: DGMV, in combination with user SID, opens a comprehensive suite of enterprise and consumer services for the users. 
  • Incentivizing the stakeholders: DGMV is designed to reward all the stakeholders within the network equally.
  • Standard ERC-20 token: Being a part of the ERC-20 ecosystem built upon the Ethereum framework, DGMV becomes more accessible to users and investors. 
  • Governance and loyalty rewards: The DGMV token was created for loyalty-derived governance of the DigiMetaverse network. Customers will also get loyalty-based discounts on applications and services.
  • User Management: Apart from wallet-based SID management, DGMV is responsible for user management and off-platform trading of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, etc. 

The DigiMetaverse Core Technologies 

DigiMetaverse has created three core business units DigiThree, DigiLife, and DigiAcademy/DigiWare. The three units would have different user cohorts and would deliver SID services accordingly. They have also partnered with ThreeFold to develop quantum secure enterprise applications. 

The Digimetaverse Non-Custodial wallet and Self-Sovereign Identity ensures secured access and entry to the consumers, organizations, and brands. It has enhanced transparency with advanced data sharing, storage, and communication tools. The DigiThree unit is focused on quantum-secure decentralized enterprise solutions implementing the DigiByte blockchain. Video conferencing, secure file management, storage services, and business secure web browsing are some practical applications DigiThree plans to include in the ecosystem. To eradicate the need for further third-party requirements, DigiThree plans to incorporate their very own secured and end-to-end encrypted P2P video conferencing. The exponential growth in data storage requirements has influenced DigiThree to build quantum storage solutions.

DigiLife is the unit that is more concerned with the solution for enterprises, consumers, and brands. It aims to take advantage of DigiMetaverse’s ability to impact enterprises and their underlying technologies. It creates an environment for the customers and brands to interact freely while allowing them to control their data. The DigiWare unit looks after the smooth integration of the DigiByte blockchain into all the DigiCorp services. 

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