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A Deep Dive Into Super Snappy and SUPR Token

LCX is pleased to announce our next launchpad project, Super Snappy, a Web3 instant gaming platform that offers an array of free casual games to play with friends. Players on the platform can instantly switch between games and, while doing so, continue to use their own Avatar in every game and take their friends list – build over all the past games played – with them.

The official token, $SUPR, is their digital currency, which is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. SUPR Tokens can be used as currency on the Super Snappy platform. The token has a non-burnable maximum supply of 3 billion. 

We are happy to announce both their token sale and our role as the official token issuer for Super Snappy.

Let’s dive deeper into the world of frictionless, instant-gaming network with Super Snappy.

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Super Snappy $SUPR: All You Need to Know 

Super Snappy is a web3, ‘Instant Gaming Social Platform’ that offers free games to play with friends and includes user profiles for friend finder, groups, clans, leaderboards, achievements, the marketplace, an avatar, video, voice, and text messaging, and more. 

The platform allows players to switch between different games at the same time while also having the option to use their own Avatar in every game they are playing and taking their friends list with them. Pets are the players’ faithful companions who are being taken care of by the players; once the players are away from the platform for too long, their pets will remind them to come back and take care of them. 

Spaces in the platform are 3D rooms that each player can customize (NFT too), where he can receive new and old friends to hang out and chat. Unique NFT Avatars, Pets and Spaces are released seasonally. Integrated into the Super Snappy platform is a fully fledged social media platform with text, voice, video chat, and messenger functions.

As a gaming platform, Super Snappy offers:

Premium Experience: The platform provides highly polished multiplayer, turn-based, and async games; achievements, leaderboards, tournaments, and more

Avatars & Chat: Players can video, text, and voice chat with their friends and make new ones while playing games.

Pets: Players can hatch, upgrade, and trade their pets on the platform. When they take good care of their pet, they provide passive bonuses or have active powers. In some games, players can play as the pet itself!

Get T.O.Y: Every player gets a T.O.Y (Thinking Of You) device. The T.O.Y has an AI chat bot that can load cartridges and works as a vault (wallet) for digital assets. Cartridges contain games, boosters, and loot and can be unlocked through gameplay or purchased in the shop.

$SUPR: The $SUPR is the digital currency of Super Snappy. They are ERC-20 and BEP-20 Tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Endless Gameplay with One Avatar: Super Snappy is a web3, Instant Gaming Social Platform that offers free games to play with friends, plus user profiles, friend finders, groups, clans, leaderboards, achievements, a marketplace, plus avatars, video, voice, and text messaging, and more.

Play Everywhere: A Web3 platform where friends can play just a link away with no additional installs. The games can be played on the web, mobile (Android, iOS), desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux) and consoles (PS5, XBox, Nintendo). 

Advantages of $SUPR for Players and Developers

  • Players can enter directly into a game via a URL or an invitation and play the game immediately. There is no need for installation or the creation of an account.
  •  Players are incentivized to create an account so they can customize their avatar, use the marketplace, and purchase an NFT avatar to ‘own it’. Registered users can buy Space (land) and other digital goods to customize their space.
  •  They can browse for and find games to play easily, and they can invite other friends.
  •  They can make new friends by socializing on the Avatar chat or in their Spaces.
  •  Players use group and 1:1 video, voice, and text chat like in a normal messenger app.

As opposed with traditional social networks, Super Snappy will grow as a whole when the games grow – it’s in the Super Snappy platform’s to make games go as viral as possible, on the platform and elsewhere, and help the platform to grow as big as the potential it holds.


The developers make the game; we take care of everything else, from data storage to hosting to monetization. 


Direct access to players’ data, analytics, in-game messaging, newsletters, and more


Add the SuperSnappy SDK to any game and deploy it elsewhere.

SUPR Token Use-Cases

$SUPR can be used on the platform to:

  • Pay for in-game purchases & Avatars / customizations and Space
  • Buy and sell items in the Marketplace
  • Collect rewards
  • Participate in our governance process through a Distributed Autonomous Organization.

Addition Resources and Documents

Download the White Paper

Visit the website.

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