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AMA Recap — LCX Telegram Community with Monty, CEO & Founder of

This is a summary of the live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the CEO and Founder of, Monty C. M. Metzger (@montymetzger), held at LCX’s official  Telegram community channel on August 10, 2021. Moderated by community moderator “King”. Answering the burning questions of the $LCX community.

Community Host,

Hi dear esteem community members👋 As we are about to start the AMA program proper, it’s pertinent to pass this piece of information to the community.

During the course of the program, the community would be muted for an easy flow of communication between the host and the CEO👨‍💻

We seek your indulgence while muting the channel for an easy flow to addressing your questions and readability of all. Of course, we’ll definitely open the channel to entertain your questions at the end of the AMA proper🙏✍️

Would like to welcome our CEO onboard😇

Monty Metzeger, CEO,

I am hyped as well 🚀 Hello $LCX community!

My name is Monty Metzger, I am CEO and Founder of

Community Host,

Thrilled to have you here @montymetzger

Monty Metzeger, CEO,

Howdy. 👋

Hello Community 👋

Let’s get started with this special AMA

Community Host,

Awesome, the community is ready for us. Please, you’ve the room to shoot your shot @montymetzger 😇🌹

Monty Metzeger, CEO,,

Let’s start with some of your questions first…. then we will answer the key questions which the community sent to us in the past few days!

Ralph just sent me this question: “You mentioned you are in talk with central banks and governments regarding International Settlements of CBDCs. Since then you also announced that you will handle Settlements in partnership with Hedera and I assume Quant will also play a role in this, so the infrastructure seems to be ready. Can you share any news on how likely it is that LCX will actually be USED for CBDC settlements? Are there any realistic licensed competitors? Can you share any updates on the current status in general?”

Ralph, yes – this is one of our R&D topics and long-term projects. See

But we also hosted a special workshop with the World Economic Forum in Singapore during Singapore Fintech Festival pre-covid. 15 central banks attended.

Traditional financial institutions are slow, but the impact will be massive

For the whole channel. Let me quickly introduce LCX. – Innovating Capital Markets. Solutions for compliant digital assets and security tokens. LCX is a secure and compliant platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing digital currency.

You should sign up at and get started

LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange, was founded in 2018 with headquarters in Vaduz (Liechtenstein) and offices in Crypto-Valley Zug (Switzerland) and New Delhi (India). LCX has obtained 8 crypto-related registrations by the Financial Market Authority Liechtenstein, operates in accordance with the new blockchain laws and has introduced a comprehensive crypto compliance suite. LCX AG, the legal entity behind, has a registered share capital of 1 Million CHF.

LCX is a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and has been named Blockchain Pioneer by the Blockchain Research Institute Canada. The advisory board of LCX includes leading thought leader Don Tapscott (Author of Blockchain Revolution), Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia), Yat Siu (Chairman at Animoca Brands), and others.

In addition to LCX Exchange, has launched a second layer DeFi protocol enabling limit orders at Uniswap (LCX DeFi Terminal), an advanced trading terminal for all major cryptocurrency exchanges (LCX Terminal), regulated price oracles and crypto reference prices, an end to end tokenization platform for security tokens and a token sale manager for compliant initial coin offerings (ICO’s and IEO’s).

Key links are for LCX Exchange for our powerful DEX aggregator > planning to beat and outperform 1 Inch.

We tested it many times, you get better rates at than 1Inch. Best prices for your trades

And super important. 

The LCX Token ($LCX) is the fuel of the platform and LCX Cryptocurrency Exchange. LCX Token works as a long-term sustainable incentive mechanism to motivate various stakeholders to participate in the ecosystem. LCX Token is an exchange based utility token which can be used to pay fees, which can be staked for governance and voting purposes and staked to get priority VIP access to token offerings.

Here is a good summary video

Community Host

Thanks for the insight. Can we move to community questions?

Monty Metzeger, CEO,

Just recently we announced a partnership with Hedera. This is a major development. and also very exciting for us

Community Host : 

We Will be selecting the top 5 questions from the community for this particular segment and then open the community for direct questions as well.

I hope you guys are ready😇

Monty Metzeger, CEO,

@king_LCX – One important info for the community. This is the first AMA of our monthly series. We will do a public AMA in our telegram channel every 10th of each month. PLEASE INVITE your friends, colleagues and business partners. We want to grow $LCX community day by day!

Community Host : 

The first question:

Is there any plan to implement staking of LCX to attract new investors? What efforts are put in place for the marketing of this laudable platform that is known to few crypto enthusiasts?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Yes, we are expanding our marketing activities as we grow our platform. We have started a very successful content marketing activity with LCX Insights Live. This has now turned into a podcast available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Next season will start in mid September with a variety of great guests and special announcement sessions with LCX.

But we are not stopping there. To grow LCX we started an influencer marketing campaign, working with leading experts in the field and working more closely with our advisors.

Staking will be introduced in two ways. Staking to delegate votes and Staking to receive rewards and extra benefits. Strengthening $LCX token as a whole.

You will learn about the timing first.

But the $LCX token is getting more attention already. Last weeks were exciting and the attention converted into many new users! It’s worth mentioning that the $LCX / $ETH pair at Uniswap has reached $1.44 Million USD in totla value locked. Amazing!

Community Host : 

Great and thanks for the insight

The next question is: Is the APP still on track and can we get a preview?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

LCX Mobile will not only be an APP. For LCX this will be a new product category.

But btw – All our current products, including LCX Exchange, are already fully mobile responsive and can be used from any smartphone or tablet

We have 50% usage on mobile already. The “App” and LCX Mobile is in development already and we will share some first insights and a preview with our community first

LCX Mobile is a mobile-first and user-centric mobile application built from the ground up. We aim to deliver a unique mobile experience focusing on the demanding Gen Z and digital natives. A simple UI interface combined with a sophisticated underlying technology stack, ultimately made for the mass market.

LCX Mobile will be available on iOS and Android.

Community Host : 

Nice, thanks for this

And the next question is: When can we expect QMM?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

QMM stands for quantitative market making. WIth QMM we are combining the power of a DEX with the simplicity of LCX Exchange. Powerful solution!

Development is on-going but will need some more time. We want to deliver a product that is outstanding and nothing less. Thus we would rather wait a bit longer. In addition there are some major stealth projects which had not been planned and have not been on our roadmap – which are taking a lot of resources.

QMM – Quantitative Market Making is a fundamental advancement of the concept of automated market making (AMM) on decentralized exchanges, but running directly at LCX Exchange.

Community Host : 

Awesome! And to the fourth question:

Can we Expect an STO in Q3?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Why only one? 😂 STO stands for security token offering and is a key R&D topic for us. That’s why we are spending lots of resources and efforts into the Liechtenstein Protocol. The Hedera Partnership was another important step in this direction. 

Worth reading

We are always listening to the market and to our users. A key opportunity is the tokenization of assets. But not every asset which is tokenized needs to be a security token. Actually for our users there are many benefits if the token is classified as a non-security token.

Our Tokenized Diamonds project for example with the Tiamonds NFT’s representing 1-1 diamonds will be classified as an ownership token.

There will be several token offerings, especially in our registered role as “Token Issuer” by the financial market authority. As a first step we will do projects around tokenization – like Tiamonds – and other large ($20-50+M) token offerings of established crypto teams. Secuirty token and digital securities will follow when the market is also ready for this.

Innovating capital markets will take time – and we are positing LCX to be the new category leader of the future of digital finance.

Community Host : 

Beautiful and to the last question before we open the chat for our esteemed community members.

What happened to the LCX token quarterly burn? Canceled?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Not only LCX as a company is growing and maturing, also our $LCX Token.

LCX conducted 5 token burns, burning a total of 50 million LCX Tokens with a current estimated value of more than $2.8 million USD.

The token burn was not healthy for our community and our users. With the launch and roll-out of our new products and services, the updated token burn mechanics will lead to an increase of usage of LCX Token within our ecosystem. 

– As we enter new markets, register for additional licenses, list on other compliant exchanges and partner with other regulated platforms, we want to ensure that our token economics are supporting this growth.

– We are expanding the utility and use cases of LCX Token as we roll-out a variety of new functionalities, products and services. Increasing consumption and usage. > More usage. 

– Regulatory Reasons: Endless opportunities ahead and we don’t want to limit our growth. LCX Tokens are classified as utility tokens under US, European, Singapore and Liechtenstein laws. Several legal assessments performed by qualified legal firms in different jurisdictions have confirmed this classification. 

and lastly we want a healthy and thriving ecosystem for our LCX community and our utility token. Reducing the supply of tokens over time can discourage capitalization just like deflationary currencies discourage consumption.

We now see the positive impact…. $LCX number of token holders growing. Value of $LCX increasing

Community Host : 

Please, would you love to have a little time for a sip before we open the chat for the community?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

No time to waste. Let’s open up!

Community Host : 

Are you ready guys? 😇 We are opening the chat for the community now.

Community Question

Hi Monty! Thanks for being so transparent about all of LCX’s wonderful projects!! Do you have an estimated timeframe of when you will be releasing information on the secret LCX advisor? And how do you expect the release of this info will affect LCX’s growth?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

😂 😂  never say never. But some things are “secret” for a reason. The advisor doesn’t want to be publicly named, but has been helping me and the whole team since 2017.

Community Question

Do you have any project plans for combining NFT with DeFi? If so, Could you please describe how your project plans to support NFT development?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Oh yes, Our tiamond NFT’s and $TIA token will be massive and will strengthen the $LCX ecosystem as a whole. LCX platform, especially our DeFI Terminal “Fire Salamander” will also play a role.

Community Question

Apparently, many blockchain projects are not solving any real problem, they just exist to sell their tokens. What problems exactly are your project solving, and solutions are you providing?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Great question! We are building the infrastructure for the new financial world. Digitizing the traditional and often analog financial industry. Digital trading platforms like LCX Terminal, our DEX aggregator, Tokenization of assets and our tokensale manager are key infrastructure of this. 

Everyone who knows my history ( is well aware that I am a problem solver and entrepreneur. After I sold my last company back in 2008 I turned to investing and started my own venture fund. As a venture fund we could not invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens. LCX started on a napkin to change exactly this. Giving traditional investors the tools and regulated / compliant solutions to invest, trade and hold!

Community Question

@montymetzger what would be the total active addresses goal by 2027?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

I remember when Friendster and MySpace were leading social networks markets. Or when AOL and Compuserve were leading in connecting people to the internet. We now have other crypto-exchanges leading, but in 2027 many people will only know LCX ! 🚀

Community Question

I would like to have a long term investment with your project but at the moment I have doubts, how can you convince and convince me that this project is very promising?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

Many investors do share our long-term vision of combining a stable regulatory framework with a powerful technology platform.  We don’t outsource nor use any whitelabel stuff. We have built a powerful system and developed it to scale – combining our crypto compliance suite.

Community Question

COVID-19 has affected much of the world economy and the impact on many internationally recognized companies has been devastating. How has LCX enabled and maintained commercial financing during this difficult period for all finances? What commercial and financing strategies have you employed to stay afloat?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

The pandemic was live-changing for all of us. While the work-from-home and lock-downs where personally challenging – since 2020 LCX had been on a rocket-ship and the general business environment was very positive for us

While some companies struggled, they had to fire people or close down. We had been growing our team 3x, hiring, developing, growing our user base and our community. Also the regulatory approval did come with perfect timing. While other exchanges are getting sued or even closed. We are prepared to grow. For today’s AMA I have something special for all of you!

Community Question

What do you think with Asia market? Does your team have any plan to approach ASEAN which is a potential market in crypto? There are many great teams and investors who want to work and earn money from crypto?

Monty Metzeger, CEO

We have a strong asian network and many users already. Some of our partners and advisors are also in asian markets.

Here is a list of all key partners

Community Host : 

Questions for rewards are now closed. Subsequent questions would not be chosen for rewards.

FYI LCX community, the Next AMA session on our channel will be September 10th. But Monty is also invited to other channels for AMA in the coming weeks!

Monty Metzeger, CEO

This was fun! Thank you all for joining!

Community Host : 

The AMA session with Monty has finally come to an end.

We’re greatly astounded to have a well-enunciated AMA session with the CEO 

Also, we are indeed overwhelmed by all our esteemed community members, for your support and vitality towards the project.

For more information and to be part of the project, you may visit the website via:

Monty Metzeger, CEO

And save the date…. 

September 1st, 2021

Thanks to all of you! The $LCX Community is amazing!

Note: – The winners for the communicty AMA reward contest have been announced. Please click here to know the results.

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