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Announcing Partnership with LunarCRUSH to Provide Advanced Crypto Market Insights

At LCX we work hard to increase transparency for digital asset markets. Today, we are announcing a partnership with LunarCRUSH, a platform that gathers crypto market data, real-time and historical insights from hundreds of sources and social media channels worldwide.

LCX and LunarCRUSH have teamed up to improve the quantitative and qualitative research data to make smarter trading and investment decisions for the crypto market.

Our partnership will focus on security tokens and aims to simplify the process of evaluating digital assets, analyzing token fundamentals, and understanding industry trends.

Key benefits of our partnership are:

  • LCX Token has been listed at LunarCRUSH’s platform to deliver community insights, background information and real-time market data.
  • LCX Terminal will feature a new tab called “Social Signals”, to access real-time community insights and advanced analytics. This new feature at LCX Terminal will show details social media data, influencer engagement and quantitative sentiment analysis. 
  • Furthermore we agreed to combine our technology and knowledge to deliver advanced market analytics for security token and other compliant digital assets as well. The goal is to deliver insights for security tokens and deliver the research content every investor needs

LunarCRUSH is the leading social data science company for crypto markets and we are excited to work with them. 

If you haven’t registered at LCX Terminal yet, you can sign up for free here. 

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