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Are Trading Bots Really Worth It ?

Crypto market is open 24/7 for everyone with no closing time. So, you can trade all the time if you want to. Also, crypto is a highly volatile market, with prices changing drastically over a small period of time. These issues limit the trading feasibility for humans as- (a) No one has this much time on their hands and (b) Humans many times fail to react quickly to price changes. Here come the trading bots. 

What Are Crypto Trading Bots?

Trading bots are computer generated programs that help you trade cryptocurrency automatically. They can work 24/7 and are not accelerated by fear or greed. These bots conduct the transactions on behalf of the investors. They trade on predefined rules and are able to monitor different exchanges at the same time. Survey reports have shown that about 70-80% of the trading volume combining all the exchanges is managed by trading bots. There are different types of bots and they charge you according to the features that you use. 

How Does It Work?

As we have come to understand, these are computer generated programs, thus they work on calculations. For the crypto industry, they have to analyze the data, then predict when to buy and sell, along with the risks of the assets according to their calculations. They keep monitoring the market, and when certain market conditions are met, they proceed with the trade. Most of these bots work directly with the exchanges. When a bot is connected to an exchange successfully, it analyzes the market and keeps waiting for some event. When there’s a price change or an event is detected, the user will receive a signal, or the bot can also take the decision itself according to the guidelines specified by the user. Some bots also consider your transaction history to analyze your transaction strategies and predict accordingly. 

Types Of Bots

  • Arbitrage bots: These are dependent on the price difference between various exchanges. They gain their capital from these slight discrepancies only.
  • Trend trading bots: These bots determine the right trading strategy after analyzing trends and studying market momentum. 
  • Coin lending bots: These bots allow you to provide loans at high interest rates.

Advantages Of Trading Bots

  • Emotionless: Unlike human beings, bots make all their decisions based on data and do not fall for greed or fear-like emotions, as many beginners end up making irrational decisions after getting overwhelmed by such emotions. 
  • Efficiency: Trading bots are no doubt quite efficient, as they can work 24/7 and analyze more data. 
  • Powerful: Humans may get restricted sometimes due to slow processing time, but bots are way too powerful in processing high volumes of data. 

Disadvantages Of Trading Bots

  • Crypto is a volatile market, and when the market becomes highly unpredictable, these bots are not able to make accurate decisions.
  • If the trading bot encounters some programming errors, its efficiency gets impacted.
  • Also, many bots only provide a marginal return to the investors.


Trading bots can certainly take some of the load off your hand if you program them right. If you cannot spend all your time analyzing the market, you can go for them, but at your own risk, as the world of crypto sure comes with high returns, but there are potential risks to it too. Please do your own research before trusting any platform online. 

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