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Meme, TikTok

Bullish Beat

Markets are so bullish today. Bitcoin hit $15’000 USD, Ethereum hit $400 USD, most Altcoins growing.
It’s time to start celebrating and dancing the Bullish Beat. 

Dance the #BullishBeat

  1. Download the Song.
  2. Do the #BullishBeat
  3. Upload to TikTok, Instagram or YouTube
  4. Use hashtag #BullishBeat
  5. Tag LCX with (TikTok), (Instagram), @LCX (Twitter).

How to Find the #BullishBeat at the TikTok Music Library?

TikTok has added our song Bullish Beat at their official music library.

  1. Click on Add Song.
  2. Search for “LCX”.
  3. Choose Bullish Beat.
  4. Start Dancing. 
  5. Use hashtag #BullishBeat and tag LCX

The markets are bullish, you should be too.
Dance and share the #BullishBeat

Dance the #BullishBeat
Follow LCX at TikTok
Bullish Beat by LCX
Get the Bullish Beat

Get the Bullish Beat song. 

Download the Mp3 here 

How to dance the Bullish Beat?

Here is a great video dance tutorial. It’s fun. You should try it as well.

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