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Celebrating 50’000+ Users

Milestone of 50’000+ Users at LCX

Today, we’ve reached another growth milestone: we’ve surpassed 50’000 users at LCX, indicating widespread interest and increasing growth by professional traders. After we announced 10’000 users in December 2019, LCX user-base has grown 31% month-over-month (compound monthly growth rate – CMGR) and a total growth rate of 400%. 

LCX Has More Users Than Liechtenstein’s Population

LCX user numbers now exceed the total population of Liechtenstein

LCX’s 50’000+ users are coming from 166 countries and have one important fact in common – all of them are owning, trading and buying crypto assets. 22% of all users are daily active users, while almost 10% are fully verified. LCX’s user-base is mostly professional crypto traders who are managing their digital assets across three or more cryptocurrency exchanges. 

While the cryptoasset industry has grown rapidly, fragmentation and complexity has increased proportionally as well. Liquidity is distributed across multiple exchanges and it is becoming increasingly challenging for professional traders to execute at best prices, especially when handling large orders.

LCX solves this problem with LCX Terminal, where users can trade across multiple exchanges and executing trades based on a smart order routing system – called LCX Smart Order. Since LCX was incorporated in April 2018, we’ve been establishing the foundation of an industry that has the potential to reinvent financial markets while we see that beginning to show its full potential.

At LCX we are focused on unlocking the value of digital assets

LCX has announced the STO Launchpad to a “tokenization engine”, launching a variety of security token offerings in a compliant manner and in accordance to the new Blockchain regulation in Liechtenstein. 

If you’re a business interested in LCX’s security token platform or launch your own STO, please fill out this form. If you’re an interested in opening a free LCX account and start using LCX Terminal and LCX Smart Order, you may register at

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