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DeFi Terminal – Product Update

DeFi Terminal, the most advanced DeFi dashboard and limit order protocol for Uniswap, just got better. 

Now officially in beta – the new DeFi Terminal introduces a beautiful dark theme for your favorite DeFi dashboard and is packed with many enhancements for limit order trading and market page.

On September 29, 2020 we have launched Project Fire Salamander and made it publicly available in an alpha version. Since launch we did intense testing, security and scalability tests. Thousands of users have used the platform, placed limit orders and gave us feedback for improvements. 

DeFi Terminal’s limit order protocol has been engineered, down to its smart contract, to take full advantage of Uniswap to make your trading experience even better. The combination of DeFi Terminal’s lightning fast markets page, beautiful trading view charting and limit orders functionality truly takes our platform to a whole new level with incredible performance, security, reliability, while maintaining everything users love about LCX’s platform.

Key New Features:

  • Dark theme
  • Limit order protocol in Beta
  • Search with smart contract address
  • Interchange BUY and SELL in limit order
  • Improved user interface
  • Performance improvements
  • Security improvements
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LCX DeFi Terminal a.k.a. “Fire Salamander” is a decentralized trading platform built on top of Uniswap. LCX has built a second layer protocol which is enabling limit orders on Uniswap DEX. 

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