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Exponential Moving Average Trade Indicator

The nature of the cryptocurrency market is highly speculative, which leads to high levels of volatility. Traders can rely on technical analysis and trading indicators to adapt to market volatility with ease.

What is the exponential moving average?

The exponential moving average is a technical trade indicator that highlights the recent changes in the price and data points of an asset or cryptocurrency. It is commonly used to identify trend directions and potential buy and sell signals. It gives more preference to recent price data over old price data.

How is the exponential moving average calculated?

Exponential moving averages are calculated using the following formula:

EMA= Closing Price x multiplier + EMA(previous period) x (1 – multiplier)


  • Price is the current price of the asset being analyzed. 
  • Multiplier is the smoothing constant, which is calculated using the following formula: multiplier = 2 / (time period + 1)
  • EMA(previous period) is the exponential moving average of the previous time period

The smoothing constant determines the weight given to the most recent price data. For example, a shorter time period and a higher smoothing constant will result in a more responsive EMA that gives more weight to recent price data.

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Why is the exponential moving average indicator employed in cryptocurrency?

In cryptocurrency trading, exponential moving averages are often used to find the direction of a trend and possible buy and sell signals. The EMA works well to identify the direction of the trend. Investors can define the possible market movement by looking at whether or not the price is above the EMA. EMAs can also be used to generate buy and sell signals. For example, if the EMA of a short time period crosses above the EMA of a long time period, it could be a sign that the short-term trend is starting to do better than the long-term trend. On the other hand, if the EMA of a short time period crosses below the EMA of a longer time period, it could be a sign to sell because it shows that the long-term trend is starting to do better than the short-term trend. Also, EMAs can be used to identify potential support and resistance levels. When the price of an asset bounces off the EMA for a given time period, it can indicate that the EMA is acting as a support or resistance level.

How to trade with the EMA indicator at LCX 

  • The EMA indicator is available at the LCX exchange for all existing and future trading pairs. 
  • Just select the desired trading pair and click on “indicators” at the top, then choose “Exponential Moving Average” from the list of available indicators.
  • Analyze the chart well to understand the trend direction and trade accordingly. 

In Conclusion

Exponential moving averages are a useful tool for technical analysis that can help traders in cryptocurrencies find the direction of trends and possible buy and sell signals. By taking into account the weighting given to recent price data, EMAs can provide a clearer picture of the current trend and help traders make informed decisions. But it’s important to remember that EMAs should not be used alone; they should be used with other tools for a comprehensive technical analysis. EMAs are variable tools that must be used and combined with other instruments in order to increase the likelihood of success in trading operations. 

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