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How to start crypto trading with LCX?

LCX Exchange offers individuals a secure and compliant trading platform for a variety of digital assets.

It’s easy to start crypto trading in LCX exchange as the exchange is designed keeping in mind the requirements of beginners as well as professional traders. 

Now we are coming up with the LCX Exchange revamp that will enhance the user experience. 

To start trading, you must have some balance in your exchange wallet. To deposit fiat (EURO) or any cryptocurrency follow these steps mentioned here.

(How to Deposit Guide link)

– Go to trade:

-Select a trading pair. There are a variety of trading pairs listed on LCX. If you have Bitcoin in your exchange wallet, you can only deal with bitcoin.

-Select the kind of trade you desire to make. LCX offers two types of trades:

Market Orders – Market orders allow users to trade their coins at the current market price. It is the kind of trade that is most simple and fastest.

Limit Orders –  Limit orders allow users to trade their coins at a specified price, i.e., at the price you’re willing to trade. We would suggest you choose the limit order.

How to place a Market order:

Select the Market mode. Enter the amount or number of tokens/coins you want to buy/sell and hit the buy/sell option. Your trade will execute at the market price instantly as per the best available price.  

How to place a Limit order:

Select the Limit mode. Enter the bid amount, the number of tokens/coins you want to buy/sell and hit the buy/sell option. Your order will be placed and will only execute once a buyer or seller is ready to trade at your bid amount.

Other Options

In the Order book, you can check the price of the recently placed orders for a particular crypto asset. Order book contains the list of all recent buy and sell orders.

In the Trade history, you can track all the trades executed with details including price, quantity, and timestamp.

You can track your orders in the open orders, order history, and order execution. These three will help you track down the details of your trades.

Open orders contain the list of all orders placed by you and are still open waiting for the buyer/seller.

Order history includes details of all the orders open and closed.

Order execution contains details of only executed/closed orders.

Trading Fees:

If you pay fees in LCX token, you’ll get a 50% discount: Our fee structure rewards users by lowering their trading fees when they pay with LCX Token.

  Maker Taker
Fees paid with $LCX Token: 0.15% 0.15%
Regular trading fees: 0.30% 0.30%
How to start Crypto Trading with LCX
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