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How To Survive Crypto Winter

During crypto winter people start panicking. Although there are definite parameters for defining a bear market in stocks, there are no fixed measures for defining a crypto market. So, when there is a steep fall in prices and they remain low for a long time, “crypto winter” is declared. Investors and experts have declared that the crypto winter is officially here. This time, the dip in the market has forced many companies to declare layoffs or to hold the withdrawals. 

There is no benefit to dwelling over the market crash, but let’s gather up the scattered pieces and try to sustain some living out of the investments. Crypto winters can be harsh on big companies as well as individual investors, but if you manage this critical period carefully, you’ll be able to sustain the losses and maybe have a stable profile too. 

Ways To Survive Crypto Winters:

  • Don’t panic: As much as the internet makes a fuss about the crypto winter, you have to keep your cool. You have to understand that this period is not the end of the line. Although this winter makes digital assets lose their value, history is evidence that crypto has always made a stronger comeback after the winter subsides. So hang on for a bit and do not panic. Panic brings regretful decisions and you don’t want to take any such decisions with your investments. 
  • Avoid highly volatile investments: When you witness the market crashing down for an extended period, you should start re-evaluating your investment profile. Analyze if you have invested in any highly volatile investment such as small altcoins with almost no utility. It will be really difficult to minimize the risks surrounding it now. But if you haven’t yet invested in such projects then be steer clear of them as they’ll not be able to survive the crypto winter. 
  • Go for trusted platforms: The biggest issue that every trader faces during such time is the safety of their assets. When it comes to storing your funds in custodial crypto exchanges, investors always consider safety as a major factor. So go for the trusted, safe and regulated platforms to secure your investments just like LCX. 
  • It is always advised in the financial market to never risk more than you can afford to lose. This phrase can’t be more relevant than ever right now. Investing beyond your limits will only bring sleepless nights and irrational decisions. 
  • Be prepared for further dip: Yes, you read that right! Although it is not definite that the prices will keep falling, it is better to be mentally prepared for the next unforeseen event. Some investors also suggest-dollar-cost averaging, to buy smaller amounts at regular intervals. This helps to even out some volatility. 
  • Focus on yourself: Use this period of crypto winter, to study more about crypto. Research about basics of the trading market, get to know about each and every term, get familiar with all the trends around the market. Utilizing this time to enhance your crypto knowledge will help you gain profits when the market will spring once again. Visit to gain crypto knowledge. 


Winters do seem harsh, but soon the sun comes so high that everything is bright and shiny. This crypto winter shall too pass. Be patient and make careful decisions about your investments. Proper research about crypto assets is the only way to find solitude in such a situation. Although the crypto market is still unregulated and quite new, there is very little chance of it collapsing completely. At such times, you can only hope for the best and be ready for the worst.  

How to survive crypto winter
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