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How to verify NFT authenticity

NFTs have turned into a hot topic for creators, investors, musicians, and artists, developing at a fractional rate. The wave of NFT is driving the price of numerous digital properties, such as signed screenshots of tweets and NBA players’ highlight reels. 

NFT sales reached $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021. If we talk about the reality, they are accelerating innumerable digital transactions daily. The authenticity that transparent and decentralized blockchain technology can offer is at its core value. 

The non-fungible term determines that something is unique. And the major distinguisher among an NFT and a cryptocurrency, even though they are both run via blockchain technology, is that every NFT has its own unique value. A creator may build two different NFTs of a similar piece of art. Both pieces can vary in value (for instance, the one that is created first will be sold at a higher price than the other).

This authenticity for every digital asset is practicable because every token has verifiable metadata and transaction log that can assist in proving the record of ownership. And the blockchain offers the security for these tokens, maintaining every data safe and nearly impossible to replicate. 

The fastest and simplest way to review the authenticity of an NFT is to scrutinize the metadata of an NFT with the utilization of a blockchain explorer, like You will be required to either find the asset on the blockchain or request the wallet address of the person transmitting the asset to make sure it exists and is in their ownership. Here’s how to do it:

  • Visit NFT’s metadata on the blockchain explorer.
  • Determine the location of the NFT’s hash. This will let you know where the NFT is stored on the blockchain.
  • In the blockchain explorer, you need to enter the hash of the NFT.
  • You’ll see the NFT’s metadata.
  • You can utilize this data to identify if an NFT is authentic.


When there is a digital asset available, there are effective ways to verify its authenticity. The same goes with NFTs. Some of the ways have been mentioned above, and you can successfully verify the authenticity of NFT through them. The thing to remember is that rich metadata makes it more reliable. 

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NFT Authentication
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