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Importance Of DYOR In The Crypto Industry

Crypto industry is expanding at a high rate. It has its own platform, its own currency, and even its own language. Many terms are often used as catchphrases or lingo in the industry, and DYOR is one of them. It stands for “Do Your Own Research.” It is one of the most popular catchphrases in the crypto world.

What Do You Mean By DYOR?

DYOR is a very common phrase used in crypto trading and its industry. Its main goal is to keep people aware of the need to thoroughly research projects before investing in them and to discourage people from blindly following others’ advice. This will reduce the number of uninformed investors in any project. 

Investors can research a wide range of subjects before investing, such as the background of the organization, its team, and its reviews on social media. Even if you succeed in gathering a lot of authentic data about a project, it is always better to cross-verify it from relevant sources. A well-researched investment will guide you to greater profits than any other project that you have followed because of trusting a third party.

Also, keep in mind that the crypto industry is a volatile market, and thus DYOR cannot always eliminate the risks associated with the project; rather, it only increases the likelihood of the project’s success.

Need For DYOR

  • It is the best method for the mitigation of risks associated with impulsive decision making in the industry. When the market is suddenly performing up and everyone starts to invest in a particular hyped up project, an investor can easily fall prey to investing in the project because of FOMO. But, if they have thoroughly researched the project, they’ll be able to make an irrational decision about the investment.
  • Cyber world keeps facing constant online fraud schemes, and the crypto industry is no different. Different fraudsters keep bothering the investors with their fake projects. They even create multiple social media accounts to show authenticity. This often leads to a false impression of the project. But a person who has properly done their research will not fall for such schemes.
  • Shilling is a practice chosen by many people to advertise the coins that they own to influence their prices in the market. Shillings are often used by genuine organizations too, so it can confuse a person to invest in that particular coin or project. But there won’t be any confusion if the person is well-researched.


  • Analysis of the necessary documents: White paper is the most important document that you should look for before investing in a project. Aside from this, the project’s roadmap or a smart contract should be carefully looked at during the transaction.
  • Read the numbers carefully: All kinds of numbers associated with the project and its organization should be analyzed carefully. Their social media followers, community channel numbers, then the total supply of their assets, their market capitalization, the circulating supply, tokenomics, every number should be looked into.
  • Background check: This is about the organization as well as its team members. Look into the social media channels of the organization and look for its community engagement. You can usually find the team members on the website of the organization. You can check on their LinkedIn profile to verify their authenticity.
  • Be crypto literate: With the world literacy rate going up, you should be focusing on your crypto literacy if you want to survive in this industry. Keep up with the latest news and trends surrounding the industry.
  • Consulting a financial advisor: If you are a beginner and do not know where to start, you may consult a trustworthy financial advisor. While this method may seem effortless and easy, it can also be risky due to the involvement of a third party, so it is often recommended to DYOR.


Although it has been said multiple times that no amount of research can guarantee you 100% success as the crypto market is volatile by nature, research can bring greater good to your journey in the crypto industry. Crypto is a broad subject and is still expanding, thus presenting its members with the opportunity to keep learning and expanding their crypto knowledge. Therefore, always do your own research before investing in a project. 

Importance of DYOR
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