Celo Foundation

The Alliance for Prosperity is an ecosystem of organizations brought together by a common vision of fostering social impact and financial inclusion by leveraging the disruptive blockchain technology. These include nonprofits, merchants, and payment processors. The Alliance provides infrastructure and educational support to the mobile-first open blockchain platform. This will enable an increasing number of people to use digital currencies — in particular, the Celo Dollar stablecoin — in the areas that need it the most. The contributions made by each individual member will enable easy movement of digital currencies across the globe and create financial tools with use cases including emittances, humanitarian aid, payments, and microlending that’ll be accessible by all on the Celo platforms.


Announcement CoinMarketCap: Celo Foundation Adds LCX As An Alliance Member

Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX) tweeted that they were joining the Celo Foundation as an alliance member. 

“LCX is joining the Celo Foundation as an Alliance Member. We will be working alongside leading technology providers, nonprofits, payment processors, and global investment firms in the Celo open blockchain ecosystem.”

LCX will be working with nonprofits, technology providers, mobile wallets, payment processors, and global investment firms, aiming to create a more accessible, mobile-friendly ecosystem of financial tools on the Celo blockchain.