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LCX at Plan ₿ Forum Lugano

Plan ₿ Forum in Lugano is the leading Bitcoin conference that brings together international leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs to explore nation-state Bitcoin acceptance, economics, financial freedom, and freedom of speech. 

Every year, this event welcomes renowned speakers from different sectors of the crypto world who enthusiastically share their knowledge and understanding. It’s impressive that events like this enlighten the audience regarding what is going on in the crypto world plus give highlights regarding different concepts that are available in the market. LCX Founder and CEO Monty Metzger attended this event and shared a his experience and knowledge regarding How To Raise Millions In An Initial Token Offering – The Legal Way?

monty lugano
Monty at Plan B Lugano

The plan of doing this starts by promoting fundraising legally through Tokens (ITO) legally with LCX instead of opting for VCs (Venture Capital) 

Yes, we are aware that when it comes to Tokens and coins, recent scams and thefts have caused widespread concern among businesses. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue, and LCX provides it – Regulations and Licenses

Now talking about licenses, LCX has been granted 8 Blockchain Registration in Liechtenstein and they are: 

➡️Token Issuer (Article 12 (1))

➡️Token Issuer (Article 12 (2))

➡️Token Generator

➡️TT Identity Service Provider

➡️TT Price Service Provider

➡️TT Key Depositary

➡️TT Token Depositary

➡️TT Exchange Service Provider

Where there is a problem, there ought to be a solution, and LCX is the solution to raise millions through ITOs legally and securely. 

LCX Token Sale Manager has successfully conducted the following Token Sales in a compliant way 

DGMV – The DigiCorp Labs $DGMV Token successfully raised US $25 M

VIS – The Envision’s $VIS Token raised US $7.5 M in a legal way through LCX 

NMKR- Another diamond in the crown of the LCX token sale is NFT Maker’s $NMKR Token that raised US $5 M through the LCX token sale manager. 

token sales recently

Now after going through all the above details you must be wondering what is the process that helps the startups to raise millions in a legal way through LCX.
Here it is 

➡️ First you need to apply here 

➡️Then the team of LCX will evaluate everything from the concept, funds, community to registrations. All the startups that apply for token sale management at LCX must be verified and evaluated. 

➡️ After this the diligence process starts that involves risk and compliance check, conducting an investigation, review, or audit.

➡️ Finally, after all the process the final agreement is created and further process gets discussed. 

LCX token sale manager pDF

Now comes the billion dollar question: why LCX? 

LCX is registered as a “Token Issuer” according to Liechtenstein Blockchain Laws. Fully compliant token issuance solution combining all legal and technology aspects 

➡️Token Smart contract development 

➡️Token sale legal documents 

➡️Registration at regulator 

➡️Investor on-boarding and KYC 

➡️VIP investor support 

➡️Secret access codes for private token sale 

➡️Community push for public token sale

Not only this but LCX will hold your hands throughout the journey and 24X7 customer support will be there for your help. 

LCX as Token Issuer 

LCX acts as regulated and registered Token Issuer on behalf of Crypto Foundation. This includes our roles as Token Issuer, Identity Service Provider, Token Generator, TT Token Depositary and TT Key Depositor

token issuer

According to Article 30(c) TVTG, Token Issuers must report each Token Issuance to the FMA in advance. LCX always follow this process


The LCX Token Sale Platform includes 

Public Sale 

In public sale of the token, LCX offers a Token sale campaign, conducts social media marketing and builds community on Telegram and Discord. 

Private Sale 

In private sale of the token, LCX offers Secret Access Codes for your seed investors, for strategic investors or partners, a completely digital and automated alternative to manual SAFT agreements (simple agreement for future tokens and command over Investors allocation. 

KYC process is mandatory 

LCX has a strong commitment to security, and the KYC process is mandatory for all LCX users. LCX will handle all investor verification as a regulated “Identity Service Provider”, KYC’s, etc., during the duration of the token sale, as well as manage any necessary updates for the token swap.

Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundry (AML), and Blockchain Analytics are advanced automated tools that our compliance team and KYC managers use for investor verification (Know your transaction). LCX is subject to the same compliance KYC and AML regulations as banks and other financial institutions.

With LCX raising funds legally through token is easy, secured and authenticated. Learn more 

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