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LCX Chooses Polkadot To Advance Their Security Token Standard

We at LCX are pleased to announce to advance Polkadot’s Parachain with technical guidance from Parity Technologies.

Parity is a global team of top distributed systems engineers, cryptographers, solutions architects, and researchers building core blockchain infrastructure for the foundation of Web 3.0 and  Polkadot.

Polkadot, the brainchild of Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, was founded to address the scalability and interoperability issues in the blockchain space. Polkadot is the third generation blockchain that intends to provide interoperability and security to other blockchains by addressing their scalability issues.

Parity Technology provides technical guidance and support to LCX for the implementation and to establish a new standard for security tokens and tokenized digital assets.

A critical component of LCX infrastructure, “The Liechtenstein Protocol”, a proprietary protocol to deliver a chain-agnostic token standard will be built on top of Polkadot’s blockchain solution. The Liechtenstein Protocol aims to leverage the Polkadot network to strengthen a solution that will enable token issuers to access secure, reliable, transparent, and compliant infrastructure for digital securities.  

Polkadot is a network protocol that allows arbitrary data—not just tokens—to be transferred across blockchains. This means Polkadot is a true multi-chain application environment where things like cross-chain registries and cross-chain computation are possible. Polkadot can transfer this data across public, open, permissionless blockchains as well as private, permissioned blockchains.

The Liechtenstein Protocol’s integration with the Polkadot blockchain will unlock access for projects to the developing potential of tokenized securities. The Polkadot ecosystem projects can leverage LCX’s Security Token Standard to issue digital native security tokens in compliance with frameworks and standards adopted by regulated financial entities. 

LCX Enabling Security Tokens on Polkadot 

The Liechtenstein Protocol is a new digital securities standard that enforces regulatory compliance at the chain and token level, being a blockchain agnostic protocol, it will be implemented on a variety of public chains. The blockchain agnostic standard aims to create a secure tokenization framework that will truly drive the growth and proliferation of asset tokenization.

LCX is going to work closely with Parity Technologies to bring security tokens and tokenized digital asset standards to Polkadot. We’re sure this is just the beginning of our mutual journey to explore more ways to synergize our talent and efforts.

Parachain for LCX’s DEX Aggregator “Fire Salamander”

LCX has recently launched the next version of the LCX DeFi Terminal called Fire Salamander. Fire Salamander is a powerful DEX aggregator which currently works on Ethereum blockchain with full integration of Uniswap V3 and 6 other decentralized exchanges. Now LCX will advance Fire Salamander even further and will expand the system by building on top of Polkadot’s Parachain technology

“The future of decentralized finance (DeFi) is defined by products like Fire Salamander ,” said Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO and Founder of LCX. “LCX’s work on Polkadot is an important milestone in our efforts to utilize Polkadot’s Parachain technology to build a custom blockchain framework that is integrated within the Polkadot (DOT).”

“Based on our research, we are the first known parachain candidate managed and created directly by the core team of a centralized exchange within the Polkadot ecosystem. This signifies the commitment of LCX to continually innovate to create products that maximize the potential of Security tokens and DeFi.“

Polkadot LCX

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