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LCX Davos Reception 2023

LCX hosted an invite-only reception at Davos that brought together some of the most influential leaders, CEOs, and journalists in the world of crypto and other industries. The Davos reception was hosted on the occasion of the world premiere of the book, Blockchain Banking: The Future of Money and Finance, written by Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO and Founder of LCX. Besides LCX’s CEO, we welcomed Don Tapscott, Founder and Chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute, and Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia, as honorary speakers.

Monty, Jimmy and Don
Monty signing book
LCX Davos Reception

The evening was opened by Monty sharing insights into LCX’s core company culture and values: Integrity, doing the right thing when nobody’s watching; Excellence, thriving to deliver outstanding products; and Unity, talking about the LCX Family which includes users, clients, partners, our team, as well as our selected group of delegates joining this evening reception during the World Economic Forum 2023.

Don Tapscott highlighted the potential of LCX to grow and emphasized the importance of trust and integrity in the digital world. He also discussed how the finance industry is slow and charges high prices for services, and how fintech and DeFi are replacing traditional financial systems with smart contracts and tokenized assets. ”Fintech is the new coat of paint on the wall of the old financial system,”  DeFi is replacing everything they do with software.” He praised Monty and the LCX team for creating a platform that addresses current problems in the financial sector.

Jimmy Wales recounted his experience with Wikipedia and said: “Wikipedia started as a grassroots movement. The adoption of cryptocurrencies also started with a few passionate enthusiasts – from the bottom up. LCX is on the right path of growth”. He also discussed the potential of blockchain technology and the benefits of regulation, centralization, and a structured framework for building trust, transparency, and integrity. He said that the industry is entering a new phase of technology with real business and use cases.

In addition to LCX’s initiating the gathering, LCX was present with a booth right at the entrance of the Hotel Steigenberger Belvedere, next to the Wall Street Journal, KPMG, and PWC.

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