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Token Generator LCX Deployed the DGMV Utility Token

LCX acts as the Issuer of $DGMV and facilitator of the DGMV Token Sale. LCX developed, created and deployed the DGMV Token. The DGMV Token is a utility asset by design. DGMV, in conjunction with user SID, unlocks access to a portfolio of enterprise and consumer services and intellectual property in the DigiMetaverse. DigiCorp Labs issues the metaverse token. 

A utility token is a financial instrument mainly used for fundraising. It is a blockchain-based asset that people purchase intending to use in the future.

DGMV Token Deployed

The smart contract of the DGMV Token has been deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. The official smart contract address is 0x8eedefe828a0f16c8fc80e46a87bc0f1de2d960c and can be viewed at Etherscan.

Token Generator

LCX acts as an exclusive Token Generator for DigiCorp Labs. LCX AG is registered in Liechtenstein and is regulated by the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein under registration as a trusted technology service provider. The Liechtenstein Parliament passed the Token and Trusted Technology Service Provider Act (TVTG) also known as the “Blockchain Act”. This act entrusts the FMA with the registration and event-driven supervision of service providers that provide their services on trusted technology (TT) systems such as a blockchain. The law outlines several critical roles along the value chain of the token economy. One of these licensed roles is called the Token Generator. 

As per Liechtenstein’s TVTG law, Token generators (Token Erzeuger)” are defined as “persons who generate one or more tokens. Token generators must establish internal control mechanisms to ensure the technical operability of the generated tokens during the token generation. The laws define strict requirements for LCX as a reliable Token Generator.

LCX’s Key responsibility as a Token Generator is to set up appropriate internal control mechanisms to ensure proper execution and documentation following all the legal aspects defined in the “Blockchain Act” during the token issuance and for at least ten years after the issuance.

Characteristics of a Utility Token

Utility tokens are the most popular token type and function in a different manner than security tokens. A utility token, such as DGMV token, is a user token that grants future access to a company’s products or services.

Tokens enable new business models, allow the general public to engage with the company, and provide a new way for blockchain enterprises to access products and create revenue to build or operate things. The token utility and value creation is the core of any ecosystem. Tokenomics and token utility incorporate everything required for a successful economic model that helps drive the company’s mission, from its design, development, and distribution, to its acceleration, integration, and mass adoption. The DigiMetaverse protocol uses its cryptocurrency called the DGMV token. It is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. DGMV token is a utility token and allows users to participate in the protocol themselves.

LCX is a fully compliant token management platform for token offerings for security, payment, or utility tokens. LCX provides the project with accelerated go-to-market, prospectus and legal documents with LCX’s legal tool kit. 

LCX acts as the Issuer of $DGMV and facilitator of the DGMV token sale, including smart contract development, investor management, and secure custody.

Launching a Utility Token

LCX is an audit-ready platform that helps blockchain projects launch their tokens securely and in a compliant manner. LCX offers a complete digital asset solution for utility tokens, including smart contract development, token generation, token audit, and token distribution. LCX’s legal solution includes a complete legal setup, including legal documents, and token assessment. LCX also ensures seamless investor onboarding with LCX’s Identity solution, including KYC, KYT, AML, and CTF checks.

The LCX token sale manager is the best way for token issuers to get their next blockchain startup off the ground. LCX is a completely compliant purchasing platform that controls the entire token sale process, from token creation to distribution, including legal paperwork and KYC.

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