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LCX launches Bug Bounty Program to Strengthen its Exchange

After the launch of the LCX Exchange Demo last week, we are inviting security researchers to participate in our LCX Bug Bounty Program to help us in developing a more secure exchange for our customers.

What is the LCX Bug Bounty Program?

We want to crowdsource security to learn more about the vulnerabilities in our system and improve security before the launch. We are excited to announce the launch of our bug bounty program starting today, in which we will be accepting vulnerability reports from security researchers and reward them. 

What are the Rewards?

We will grant up to 1,000 USD{depending on the level of the vulnerability} as rewards to the top-performing security researchers reporting highly severe vulnerabilities in our system. We look forward to working with researchers who help us identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities within the LCX Exchange. 

Why do we need the Bug Bounty Program? 

The public launch of LCX Exchange is scheduled for 5 January 2021, we want to make sure that it offers a secure and reliable experience to our customers.

How to Participate?

We’re inviting security researchers to participate in this program and help us develop a more secure exchange for our customers. If you’re interested in helping LCX Exchange be the most secure place to trade digital assets, then take a look at our bug bounty program.

Please submit reports at [email protected] 

Please read the LCX Bug Bounty Program for details, documentation, and vulnerability levels, before submitting a report.

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