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LCX Mobile: Apple iOS App Update

We’re excited to announce that LCX Mobile for Apple iOS, has undergone a significant update, making it better than ever before! The latest version comes packed with multiple groundbreaking features: Multi-level fee, Polygon integration, Session management, a new font for better UI experience have been integrated and a What‘s New section. We have worked tirelessly to ensure the highest level of security and scalability by conducting rigorous testing. 

Integrated Multi-level Fee in the LCX Mobile for Apple iOS

With the new update, LCX Mobile for Apple iOS introduces a Multi-level fee structure, empowering users with enhanced flexibility. By utilizing our multi-level fee structure, traders have the opportunity to reduce their trading costs significantly. As they progress through different trading volume tiers, the corresponding fees decrease accordingly. Additionally, by paying their fees with LCX Tokens, traders automatically enjoy a 50% discount, further enhancing their cost-saving potential. These reduced fees empower traders to execute more trades, optimize their strategies, and increase their potential profitability.

Integrated Polygon on the LCX Mobile for Apple iOS

We understand the importance of efficiency in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Hence, we are thrilled to announce the integration of Polygon into LCX Mobile for Apple iOS. With the integration of Polygon, LCX Platform is set to unlock a range of benefits for our users. Polygon, known for its robust infrastructure and ability to scale Ethereum-based applications, offers an ideal solution for overcoming the network congestion and high gas fees often associated with the Ethereum blockchain. This integration allows LCX Platform users to enjoy faster and more efficient transactions.

What’s New? New Section Added 

The introduction of a new section titled “NEW” to our LCX services is aimed at improving accessibility for our users. This section serves as a gateway to explore recently added features and products within the LCX ecosystem. With just one click, users can conveniently access the specific sections of interest. For instance, by clicking on the “Earn 7%” section, users will be able to effortlessly invest in LCX Earn.

Integrated New Font for Enhanced UI

The introduction of the new font is aimed at facilitating users in clearly identifying and comprehending each section without encountering any difficulties. Notably, this enhancement is particularly evident when accessing the order book, as it now allows for a more seamless and improved viewing experience.

Improved Session Management 

The implementation of session management in LCX Mobile for Apple iOS is aimed at significantly improving the user experience. With this update, users will no longer be required to repeatedly log in to the LCX mobile – iOS app. By logging in just once, users will be able to access the application seamlessly without the need for repeated login attempts. This enhancement ensures a smoother and more efficient user experience for all our valued users.


LCX Mobile for Apple iOS is available in these countries only

Austria France India Romania
Belgium Finland Lithuania Spain
Bulgaria Germany Latvia Slovakia
Croatia Greece Luxembourg Sweden
Cyprus Hungary Malta Switzerland
Czech Republic Italy Netherlands Slovenia
Denmark Iceland Portugal Turkey
Estonia Ireland Poland

Enjoy the new features on LCX Mobile for Apple iOS by downloading the App at the Apple Appstore now:

For any further information, please contact our team at [email protected]  

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