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Announcements, Partnerships

LCX Partners With Monerium to Introduce Tokenized Digital Money and Fiat Trading Pairs

We are excited to introduce Monerium as our new partner. Monerium has chosen LCX as its first partner and client to showcase their on-chain Digital Euro to the public. Monerium and LCX have signed a memorandum of understanding and agreed on a long-term strategic partnership. Behind closed doors both technology and management teams had been working on this collaboration for many months.

With this new partnership, we envision leveraging the legal and technology infrastructure of each other to provide new and enhanced services to our users. 

With this strategic alliance, we aim to: 

  • Tokenized Digital Money: Implement regulated fiat money, a digital Euro issued by Monerium, at the Ecosystem.
  • Fiat Gateway: Launch a simple and easy to use fiat-gateway at LCX Exchange while Monerium handles the fiat side as a fully regulated e-money institute.
  • Trading Pairs: Launch several EUR to crypto trading pairs. Explore the opportunities to list other digital fiat currencies issued by Monerium. 
  • Research & Development: Collaborate to research and develop new solutions for security token offerings and tokenization infrastructure. Work mutually to provide the first use-case of Monerium’s new technology solution.

LCX users will soon experience a simple, fast and convenient way to deposit and withdraw Euro. The money gets issued by Monerium as tokenized digital Euro to the blockchain and will be added to the LCX users account instantly. Monerium is a licensed and regulated e-money institute.

About Monerium

Monerium is the world’s first company authorized to issue regulated e-money on blockchains. Monerium is making money smarter by bringing it to blockchains to support on-chain transactions of digital assets.  On-chain settlements are programmable, take place within seconds, without intermediaries, and at the fraction of the cost of traditional payments. With Monerium, you can move money seamlessly between blockchains and existing payment networks and keep existing business relationships while building new ones on blockchains.

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