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LCX Token listed at HitBTC

Listing Announcement

LCX Token ($LCX) is now listed at HitBTC exchange offering two trading pairs. HitBTC users can now deposit, purchase and trade $LCX Tokens.

Trading Pairs:

Read the official announcement of HitBTC here.

About HitBTC Exchange.

HitBTC is a crypto exchange with over 800 trading pairs. The platform was created in 2013 and provides exchange, custodial, and other related services. Despite its long tenure in the crypto space, HitBTC has remained one of the few exchanges whose security has never been compromised. HitBTC offers a range of APIs such as REST, WebSocket and FIX API. The exchange’s UI was developed to meet the needs of the most demanding and sophisticated traders.

HitBTC exchange is used by traders from more than 200 countries, most active traders from Brazil, Germany, UK, Turkey, Russia and India. HitBTC client base is growing in the markets of China, South Korea and Latin America.

What makes HitBTC special?

First of all, HitBTC is also connected to LCX Terminal. Thus sophisticated traders and professional investors can manage their crypto portfolio across multiple exchanges. 

HitBTC traders get the best liquidity in the industry and the peace of mind that comes with uncompromised security. With over 800 trading pairs, HitBTC is the most advantageous place for traders.

HitBTC has implemented a cold storage solution for crypto custody, 2-factor authentication and high-end encryption technology, ensuring that trading is safe and secure. HitBTC has build its platform on a colocation service which is housed in a safe and fault-tolerant data center, the LD4 in London. This infrastructure provides HitBTC a secure financial and trading environment, capable of offering their clients the best services on the market.

About LCX Token

The LCX Token ($LCX) is an exchange based token and utility token of LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. The LCX Token can be used to purchase monthly plans for LCX Terminal, pay transaction fees, crypto custodial fees, or listing fees within LCX’s blockchain ecosystem.

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HitBTC LCX Terminal Trading Desk Liechtenstein

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