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LCX Among Top Certified Exchanges Worldwide for Safety and Security

Safety and Security have always been a top priority for LCX. LCX assures proactive implementation of systems and checks to facilitate trade safely and securely. In a bid to ensure our exchange’s utmost security, LCX Exchange recently underwent a deep cybersecurity test, analysis, and penetration test. 

LCX Concludes Cyber Security Assessment

LCX worked with Hacken, one of the leading cybersecurity companies, to conduct a comprehensive Cyber Security Assessment over the course of the past 7 months. 

A Cybersecurity Assessment involves the use of a variety of manual and automated techniques to simulate an attack on an organization’s information security arrangements – either from malicious outsiders or our own staff. Traditional systems-based penetration tests and security reviews do not generally identify application vulnerabilities where bespoke software and interfaces are involved. We decided to work with the experienced cybersecurity team at Hacken as their approach is based on the latest version of the leading security industry-standard developed by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). The OWASP Testing process is complemented by a proprietary security testing process and manual security assessments. 

LCX Accomplish Highest Cyber Security Rating

LCX is proud to announce that the whole LCX platform, including LCX Accounts and LCX Exchange, has met all the security parameters. LCX has received the highest rating, climbing into the Top 30 exchanges worldwide in safety and security. The result of the Cyber Security Rating can be viewed at Hacken’s ranking portal and at Coingecko. LCX has acquired 3 out of 3 stars in certification and a cybersecurity score of 7.54 according to the data by, the first cryptocurrency exchanges ranking and Certification platform.

CER is the first complex and sophisticated rating service that provides all-inclusive objective crypto exchange ratings and analytics. The CyberSecurity Score by CER is calculated based on server security, user security, preventive security, and historical hack cases. Exchanges ranked out of 10 based on different parameters and their dedicated scores. Each parameter is allotted with specific points combining which the final ratings of exchange are determined. 

LCX uses state-of-the-art security methods to protect our network servers. To maintain an intrinsically hostile environment for the attack, our extended security team continues to monitor protocol implementation at every level on our platform, as well as deploying routine external security audits. LCX also performs regular penetration testing to ensure systems remain secure under critical scenarios.

LCX Information Security Policy and Governance Structure

As part of our regulatory approval process we have developed and implemented strict governance processes and procedures which are defined in LCX’s Information Security, Blockchain Operations and Business Continuity Policy. The LCX Information Security, Blockchain Operations and Business Continuity Policy had been presented to the regulator as part of our application process as a Trusted Technology Service Provider under the Blockchain Laws in Liechtenstein.

At LCX, we take extreme pride in the comprehensive and robust security with which we protect our operational infrastructure and, of course, our customer’s funds. Start Trading Digital Assets today on a secure and regulated LCX Exchange.

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