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LCX’s Company Culture

LCX stands for Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange. LCX is building a new category leader in blockchain, fostering a holistic view of digital and traditional assets. Our ambition is to build something sustainable—not only to be able to show short-term successes but also to deliver on a long-term strategy—creating strategies and visions for the next 5, 10, and 50 years. 

LCX’s company culture and company values reflect the need for a customer-centric approach, the ability to adapt to market or technology changes quickly, and the ambition to build something outstanding. 

LCX is a technology company at heart and has committed to the following company culture principles:

  • Customer Focus. First,
  • Learn. Be Curious.
  • Reflect. Deliver Results.
  • Simplify. Take Action.
  • Loyalty and Trust. We are a family, help and trust each other.
  • F*ck Average. Be Legendary.

Drafting our culture assists everyone, from candidates to novel leaders to experienced employees. We understand how we communicate and dedicate our skills, time, and experience to service our mission. Some of these plans are more goal-oriented than others, meaning they portray where we would like to be. Our aim as a team is to get closer to our ideal goal constantly.

The LCX team occasionally revisits and revives the organizational invention to view what is working, what is not working, and where the company needs to make some changes in the future. Our mission is deeply ingrained in LCX’s company culture and is important in the paths of hiring, working, developing, and promoting. 

LCX’s is pioneering a blockchain infrastructure bridging the traditional monetary system and the fast-moving trusted technology landscape.

We believe in building a culture that has:

  • Highly talented and skillful people in every position 
  • Build an environment that fosters teamwork 
  • No barrier for sharing ideas
  • Every idea and innovation must benefit the customer 
  • Promote constant innovation

At LCX, we not only create products and services that can boost our customers’ crypto experience, but we also celebrate every new opportunity. Every opportunity and update with the LCX team is greeted with enthusiasm.

LCX’s business plan and product development is structured around the following key elements: 

  • Security. Implementing the highest security standards, processes, and technologies to secure LCX’s infrastructure.
  • Transparency. Setting new standards in financial monitoring and reporting, anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) regulation.
  • Value. Creating value for our customers by focusing on their needs while creating value within the new financial industry as a whole.

We prioritize team objectives as they will be a milestone in the company’s success. LCX understands that we are stronger as a team, thus ensuring that every goal is achieved with humility and solution-driven optimism. To excel in this space, we are responsible for solving hard challenges, maintaining excellence in our work, taking accountability for our actions, and developing everything that ends up benefiting our customers. 

We focus on our customers, and that’s why LCX exchange is accessible from major countries so that every crypto enthusiast can visit our platform and register from anywhere. To give the ultimate crypto product to our customers, we do not add any new asset or feature to the platform in a rush but instead conduct a deep analysis and evaluate every aspect thoroughly before taking any action. 

LCX seeks to build a workplace beyond any division so that every member of the LCX family can stay focused on the journey toward the mission.

LCX Company Culture
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