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Product Update: LCX Exchange and Wallets

As part of our commitment to build a cutting-edge product and prioritizing customer feedback our team is constantly improving the LCX experience. Today we are launching a major update at LCX Exchange and LCX Wallets. We aim to create a high-performance product that is more streamlined, aesthetically appealing and user-friendly.

New User Interface of LCX Wallets for Improved Usability 

We have added a couple of major features and enhanced the overall product UI/UX experience at LCX Wallets. You will find two main wallets, your Main Account wallet and your Exchange Account wallet. On top we have implemented a Total Account Value in USD and BTC. 

LCX Wallets are accessible directly from your main account area, but also directly at LCX Exchange. The new Transfer functionality makes it easy to move funds from the Main Account wallet to your Exchange Account to start trading. The updated icon’s are self-explanatory and guide the user to do deposits, withdrawals or wallet transfers. All cryptocurrency balances now also show you a real-time value in USD. You also see your total crypto-assets, available assets and occupied assets. The functionality Hide Small Balances and Search Assets help you to keep an overview. 

LCX is a regulated platform for digital assets. This includes also our offering as crypto custodian. LCX has gained regulatory approval as Trusted Technology (TT) Token Depositary and TT Key Depositary. Therefore our whole wallets structure can almost be compared to a traditional financial institution. Highest security standards and full segregation of users funds. This means funds of our users are not mixed with corporate or operational funds and held in separate and secure accounts. The assets held at your Exchange Account are structured for high-performance and fast-pace trading. The assets held at your Main Account are for long-term safeguarding. 

Performance Update of LCX’s Matching Engine

As the number of our users is increasing we have made some significant improvements to LCX Exchange, in particular to our core trading and matching engine. With this performance update we are ready to scale and continue to increase our capacity, performance and resiliency.

LCX has built a high-performance trading engine from the ground up. Our proprietary order matching technology allows us to meet high levels of demand even during extreme volume spikes.

Real-Time Digital Asset Balance

We have also implemented real-time updating of wallet balances, user orders and executed trades across our whole platform. So if you trade at LCX Exchange, you will notice the change in your balance at your Main Account wallet in real-time with latency.

In addition to these main updates, we have resolved some small UI bugs which had been reported by the community. Thank you $LCX Community! We appreciate all your feedback! is tirelessly working towards achieving its vision of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the new world of decentralized money. 

Now it’s time for you to log in to your LCX Account and test the new wallet user interface.

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