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Product Update – LCX Exchange Revamp

The LCX Exchange was established in 2018 as a secure and regulated platform for buying, selling, transferring, and holding digital currencies. Now, after four prosperous years, the exchange needed a boost to achieve its goal of offering the finest trading experience to its users. Thus, on 10/10/2022, we have decided to revamp LCX Exchange. 

We are delighted to share the most anticipated news with the community, which is the Revamp of the LCX Exchange. The community has been expecting this for quite some time, but we wanted to be 100 percent certain before spreading the word.

Now that everything has been thoroughly tested, we are satisfied with what we have to offer the community. Revamping a product is a necessary step and a significant milestone in the development of the LCX ecosystem. Therefore, the final date for the revamp is 10/10/2022.

Here Is What You Are Going To Get After The Revamp 

Improved UI and UX 

What you see is what you believe, thus the UI and UX of the LCX Exchange have been enhanced, making it more user-friendly. The LCX user will enjoy the easy navigation and updated interface of the exchange. 

Improved security of users’ accounts

LCX believes in security and due to that, improved the security of the user’s account and made it more secure. Imagine what else you could want in the crypto industry—SECURITY, which you get with LCX.  

Improved login process with better security

This element is the very first thing a user sees on opening the app or visiting the website, so the LCX team has upgraded the process and made it more convenient for users. Now you can easily login to the LCX exchange and experience improved security with better functionality. 

Scalable trading engine with faster and automated withdrawals

Easy withdrawal and a scalable trading engine are what every exchange must have, so with the update on 10/10/2022, users will have access to automatic withdrawals. The more quickly withdrawals are processed, the more time-efficient the platform becomes. 

Security has always been LCX’s top priority, and the platform for deposits and withdrawals has been kept up and improved over time to make it safer.

These are some important updates regarding LCX Exchange revamp. More details will be shared soon with the community. 

To enjoy the advanced trading experience, register today on LCX:

LCX Exchange Product Update
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