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Product Update: LCX Mobile

We are elated to share the most recent product updates in the LCX ecosystem with you. We are grateful to our community, which has constantly reported issues and helped us build a more robust and better platform. We thank all our users for being patient with us. We hope our platform is a step closer to perfection with our new product updates. We have added exchange, fixed all the crashes and bugs reported by our community. In addition, we have also fixed the UI issues that our users have reported. 

LCX Exchange Integration

The LCX exchange is a secure and regulated platform for trading digital assets. Our most recent product development includes the addition of the exchange. With the exchange integration, users will be able to trade cryptocurrency seamlessly on their mobile devices. Users can buy or sell over 50+ pairs of crypto assets available on the LCX exchange

Enhanced Interface for Smoother User Experience

The LCX community has made us aware of specific bugs in our LCX mobile application. Our UI designers and engineers have identified the issues and fixed all the bugs. Our new update provides a smooth user experience. 

Fixed bugs that Forced Unexpected Crashing of the Application

Recently, our users reported a few issues that forced our LCX application to crash unexpectedly. Our engineers have carefully examined the entire platform and found some vulnerabilities causing the problem. We have eliminated all the bugs causing the unexpected termination of the application. 

Our first and foremost priority has always been our users. We hope their experience with LCX will become much smoother and hassle-free with our new updates. We are still working on major platform upgrades. Till then, stay tuned!

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