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Quant Chooses LCX as Partner to Enable DLT Interoperability

Liechtenstein Blockchain Innovator LCX is excited to announce the strategic collaboration with Quant. Quant and LCX have signed a memorandum of understanding and entered into long-term commitments to this collaborative effort.

Quant Chooses LCX as Partner to Enable DLT Interoperability.
Quant, and cryptoasset pioneer, LCX, partnership will further accelerate the progression towards Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)

Quant is the developer and provider of the blockchain operating system that connects blockchains and legacy networks and systems to the blockchain known as “Overledger”. It is also the issuer of a token (QNT) which will give access to the Overledger platform.

“We aim to utilize this partnership with LCX to demonstrate the immense value of interoperability for the financial services sector. We’ll combine and interconnect different blockchains to unlock value for our users and provide additional value to the fast growing LCX ecosystem”, says Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO of Quant.

With this new partnership, LCX and Quant envision to leverage the legal and technology infrastructure of each other to prepare the next evolutionary step of the Quant ecosystem. 

“We do share the same vision of building a bridge between the traditional financial markets and future blockchain based monetary systems. Quant has built the foundational technology solution for DLT interoperability which is important for the growth of LCX and the industry as a whole”, says Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO at

With this strategic alliance, we aim to: 

  • Quant has invited LCX to become a Network Gateway at the Overledger Network
  • Quant will integrate LCX within the Overledger Network as a key partner
  • LCX will support Overledger Network technology within the LCX ecosystem
  • LCX will list QNT on LCX’s regulated cryptocurrency exchange LCX Exchange. 
  • Joint research and development: collaborate and explore technical and high level issues among LCX management and the Quant management team. Especially evaluating CBDC Exchange Settlement.

About Quant 
Quant is a technology provider enabling trusted digital interaction, helping create a secure digital future to the benefit of enterprises, regulators, governments, and individuals. Recognized for having solved interoperability through the creation of the world’s first blockchain operating system Overledger, Quant is leading the way for innovation and blockchain adoption across enterprise. Headquartered in London, UK, Quant is committed to building an internet people can trust.

About LCX
LCX, the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange is a regulated fintech company that focuses on digital asset trading, compliant token offerings and tokenization. LCX Exchange offers individuals a secure and compliant trading platform for a variety of digital assets. Founded in 2018, the firm is headquartered in Vaduz Liechtenstein and maintains offices in Switzerland and India.

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