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The Key Features of Fire Salamander – LCX’s DEX Aggregator

Fire Salamander, LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0, is a completely decentralized and most advanced trading platform in the DeFi space. 

Fire Salamanders on-chain order routing smart contract automatically detects the best price across Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3, Sushiswap, Kyber, DeFi Swap by, Link Swap, MiniSwap and SakeSwap.

Fire Salamander offers an optimised trading experience with a simple Basic Swap and a Pro Swap functionality, beautiful DEX charting and our famous on-chain limit order functionality. 

DeFi Dashboard

The new Dashboard is designed from the ground up. It focuses on simplifying the DeFi experience for new users, while still retaining the DeFi ethos. The upgraded UI enables users to access Light and dark-mode features. It also offers a Multi-Language interface for international users.

Basic Swap

LCX DeFi Terminal 2.0 comes with the Basic Swap option for fast and simple trading at the best price.

Pro Swap

Pro Swap with charting, best price and smart routing overview to instantly execute trades across multiple decentralized exchanges. 

Limit orders 

LCX’s second layer DeFi protocol powering limit orders on multiple decentralized exchanges


Lightning-fast charts and analytics for all trading pairs across multiple exchanges. LCX DeFi Terminal offers beautiful charting with DeFi indicators and advanced trading view integration.


Governance System powered by the LCX Token

Read the Fire Salamander White Paper to learn more.

Fire Salamander is now live – Click here to start trading.

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