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TIA Token listed at LCX exchange

The LCX ecosystem is growing at a solid pace and reaching its goal smoothly. Recently, with the launch of TIA Token at LCX exchange the growth parameter has increased. 

TIA Tokens is a community first and fair launched DeFi Token and is a deflationary cryptocurrency, as the supply decreases with time. 

They are incorporated with three simple functions: Reflection, Rebalancing and Burn.

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In every on-chain transaction a fee of 10% total is automatically taken and is divided into three ways: 

  • Reflection: 5% fees are redistributed to every current holder. This gives the holder an opportunity to earn passive income in every transaction.
  • Rebalancing: 2.5% fee is sold at Uniswap by the smart contract into LCX token. The gained LCX Token will be added to the long-term LCX company reserve.
  • Burn: 2.5% of the TIA Tokens are burned automatically.

TIA Token Trading

TIA Token will be listed at LCX Exchange with three trading pairs:




TIA Token is even listed on Uniswap:

TIA / ETH at Uniswap V3 

TIA / LCX at Uniswap V2 

TIA Trading Pair

Important Note: Cryptocurrency trading is difficult and carries a high risk of losing money. You should carefully examine whether trading cryptocurrencies is good for you, study how trading works, and decide how much money you are willing to lose before getting started. This content is not financial advice and should not be used to make financial investment decisions, nor should it be construed as an offer to buy or sell any good or service.

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