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Tiamonds 1 Carat #202 : The Exclusivity Redefined

The launch of the first 1 Carat Tiamonds NFT was a great success, as it was sold within a few minutes of the launch. Here we are again with another exclusive offering. We are thrilled to announce yet another limited edition for NFT enthusiasts and collectors seeking innovation and security. Witness the fusion of luxury and innovation as Tiamonds revolutionize blockchain. Trust and authenticity are paramount. LCX, the first company approved as Physical Validator, guarantees the value of the NFT with a genuine, high-quality gem. This 1 Carat Tiamonds is another limited edition single masterpiece offered to our esteemed users

Beyond just verifying the authenticity of the underlying assets, LCX’s expertise extends to safeguarding the physical presence of this precious gem. 1 Carat Tiamonds offer an investment opportunity with a real-world diamond that is secured on the blockchain.

This is your chance to put your TIA to use in the form of a remarkable discount when purchasing this diamond. The discount will start at a staggering 30% on Day 1 and decrease by 5% each subsequent day. It’s a race against time to secure your 1 Carat Tiamonds at the best possible price. Be the one to own this rare gem. The sooner you buy the NFT, the better $TIA discount you will avail of.

 Key Details of 1 Carat Tiamonds

No: #202

Shape: Round

Carat: 1.00

Color: H

Clarity: VS1

GIA Certificate Number: 3465519918

Rewards: 250’000 $TIA over 1 million minutes

We are committed to convenience for our esteemed users, which is why we accept both USDT and TIA as payment methods. Whether you prefer traditional stablecoins or the TIA Token, rest assured that 1 Carat Tiamonds ensure accessibility for all, allowing everyone to participate and take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity.

Discount Range 

1 70% 30%
2 75% 25%
3 80% 20%
4 85% 15%
5 90% 10%
6 95% 5%
7 100% 0

The 1 Carat offered by Tiamonds is a non-conflict diamond that has been purchased from a legitimate source not involved in funding conflicts and in compliance with UN resolutions. Our suppliers guarantee that each diamond is conflict free. It ensures that diamonds are extracted and shipped in accordance with ethical standards. 

Is your head set up for a great journey? Don’t pass up this opportunity to purchase a 1 Carat Tiamonds NFT. Join us as we reimagine the future of NFTs, gems, and the blockchain.

This is your exclusive chance to enter the tokenized diamond market with 1 Carat Tiamonds.

Sale will start: Friday, July 28th, 2023 , 2:00 PM CET

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